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Food is so much more than nourishment. It can be a collection of memories, a conversation piece, a way to connect with one another, and so much more. Our instructors have a passion for food that they wish to share with you. We invite you to meet these talented people, learn about different cuisines, and eat some delicious food along the way.


Meet our team!

Chef Carrie Walters

As the corporate chef and culinary director for Dorothy Lane Market, Chef Carrie is always cooking up something wonderful. Not only will you taste her menus brought to life at top-tier DLM events, like the Food & Wine Show and Spring Fling, but you’ll find her influence when you visit the DLM Culinary Center where she also helps shape the class programming. She has taught over 800 cooking classes as her passion for food is contagious and she’s always eager to share it with others. Carrie has had an influence in the recipe development of many of the DLM-made foods that you’ll find around the store for over 20 years. As a prolific traveler, she’s always soaking in food trends and styling tips from around the world, and is excited to bring them to life at DLM and share them in any number of multimedia ways, whether it be in our printed Table or in instructional videos.

Peggy Neary

Peggy Neary, DLM Culinary Center Manager, believes that sharing a meal is one of the greatest gifts. She oversees the day-to-day operations of the DLM Culinary Center, a state-of-the-art kitchen classroom dedicated to cultivating a shared love of good food with attendees and instructors alike. In addition to interviewing instructors, teaching classes, and planning each class, Peggy also unleashes her passion for cooking and baking through a number of ways, such as testing recipes, preparing and styling recipes for multi-media channels, and choosing menus for upcoming events.

Julia Hoy

Originally from northern California, Julia received her BS in Food Science and went on to work for food industry leaders like Seneca and Sunkist Growers.  After moving to Ohio, Julia began working at Dorothy Lane Market in 2006 developing recipes for the Produce Department in the Springboro location.  Pursuing a passion for all things food-related, she completed her Culinary Arts degree and Culinary Certification from Sinclair Community College in December, 2013.

Zebbie Borland

Zebbie Borland has been on the DLM Culinary Center team as a kitchen assistant since 1990. She has taught our Kids’ classes since 1998. She loves food and people of all ages. Her specialties are cheesecakes, childrens’ parties, and growing and cooking herbs. Zebbie holds a B.S. in Business and earned her teaching certification from Miami University.

Mary Cooney

Mary Cooney has been teaching at the Culinary Center since 2005.  She is a first generation Italian-American with a deep passion, knowledge, and appreciation for cooking.  She is able to pass all this along through her skillful teaching and expertly crafted recipes.  Not only has she mastered cooking, but she is also a talented baker.

Liz Valenti

Liz lives in beautiful Yellow Springs with her wife Ann. In 2011, Liz leapt at the chance to join her oldest and dearest friend Wiley and The Meadowlark team, moving from Chicago. Then in 2013, Wheat Penny Oven and Bar was opened.

Liz’s earliest memories are of being in the kitchen with her mother, surrounded by aunts and cousins.  The Valentis were from Abruzzi, a wild, mountainous region in Italy east of Rome. While the Espositos, her mother’s side of the family, were from Naples. The recipes may have been different, but the resulting food was all full of tradition and unconditional love. From a young age cooking has played a major role in Liz’s life. Beginning in high school, Liz began cooking in a professional kitchen. More than forty years later, Liz is still in the kitchen fortified by experience gained cooking in Ohio, San Francisco, and Chicago. Her incredible mentors include Judy Rogers, Barbara Tropp, Annie Summerville, Joyce Goldstein, and Tony Gemignani.

Called the energizer bunny by some and wild bunch by one of her closest friends. Liz starts her day in the middle of the night excited to cook and work with her amazing team. To Liz, there is nothing better in the world!

Casey & Patrick Van Voorhis

Casey and Patrick met ten years ago at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. They started dating just before their 8 month externships where they flew to opposite ends of the country. They returned to school and graduated with honors in the culinary program. For one year, post-graduation, they remained at the school to work as Managers in Training at the Continuing Education department. Remembering the beautiful bounty of produce in California and the rising culinary scene in San Francisco, they packed Casey’s 2005 Hyundai Tucson with everything they owned and immersed themselves in the fine dining scene. After working at Michelin starred, they wanted to bring the confidence and experience they had gained back home (Casey grew up an hour north of Dayton). So they returned, with the intent to provide provisions for the down to earth home cooks and to give them the tools they need. Casey and Patrick have launched Grist Provisions, a market that offers pop-up dinners and take home fine-dining caliber bread, pastas and other specialty items.

Ivan and Susie Núñez

Ivan and Susie Núñez have developed a comfortable blend of international cooking styles that has evolved into the distinctive Casa Nunez flavor. Ivan learned the traditional cooking styles of Puerto Rico. As a young man he co-owned a successful Mexican restaurant in New Mexico. He and Susie married in Gibraltar and the pair made their first home together in Madrid, Spain. The Air Force brought the couple to Beavercreek where for over more than 20 years of marriage they have regularly cooked for family and friends. Using traditional elements from both the Mediterranean and Puerto Rico, Susie and Ivan have fully incorporated the rustic art of food preparation into their daily cooking and are happy to share those practices.

Chef Sam Wickham

Sam grew up in Washington Township and upon high school graduation moved to Hyde Park to attend the CIA, where she graduated in 2011. Having been nestled in the rich local food scene of the Hudson Valley, she became excited about growing food and working with the land. Sam started a livestock apprenticeship at the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture while working part time at Blue Hill Restaurant, where she met her husband, Rich. The couple spent the next three years working for other farmers, learning skills in the animal husbandry, organic vegetable production, mushroom cultivation and raw milk dairy. The couple moved back to Dayton in the fall of 2016 and in 2018 they found their piece of land in Brookville (Foxhole Farm). Sam teaches cooking classes at the Learning Center in Hamilton as well as running Farmer to Table, her in-home private chef gig. Foxhole Farm is the couples’ full-time venture where they grow food for the good folks of Dayton!

Elaine Berrios

Elaine Berrios was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico—rooted in the rich cultures of Cuba and Spain. (One of her grandmothers was from Spain, the other from Cuba.)  Her parents were the chef-owners of a catering business in Puerto Rico for over 30 years. Elaine also lived in Guadalajara, Mexico, for 3 years where her passion and for cooking and baking grew. She adopted her mom’s philosophy that great cooking and baking comes from the heart, with the secret ingredient being amor (love). Elaine was fortunate to spend 20 years with her late husband and biggest fan, Major Edwin J. Berrios of the USAF.  Along with their daughter, Paola (the inspiration behind her famous s’mores cupcake), the family was fortunate to travel extensively and her passion for cuisines of the world grew all the more. Elaine brings her knowledge of cooking and life experiences along with, in her words, “sassiness, spiciness, and love” to her classes.

Sherry Monaghan

Sherry is an avid foodie, marketing educator and traveler. She has over 25 years experience teaching high school students business and marketing. In 2012, she decided to combine her passions of teaching and food by becoming part of the Dorothy Lane team. She loves to show her students how easy it is to prepare creative, healthy meals for friends and family.

John Chico

John is a culinary enthusiast, Engineer, a volleyball official, and the product of four Italian grandparents. He turns breakfast and dinner for his wife and teenage children into a culinary adventure. John has been involved with the Culinary Center as a student, as a volunteer, and now as a Culinary Instructor. He loves foods that are rich with history and flavor.

Bryn Mooth

Bryn Mooth is the editor for Edible Ohio Valley Magazine and the author of The Findlay Market Cookbook. She shares fresh and seasonal recipes on her website, writes4food.com. Bryn writes about food and wellness for local and national publications, and for food retailers and organizations. She’s a passionate home cook, wine enthusiast, vegetable gardener, and local food advocate.

Ruth Neely

Ruth grew up on an Indiana farm learning to cook with fresh, authentic ingredients with a straightforward approach. She loves being in the kitchen creating meals for family and friends with the importance and value of healthy, flavorful, seasonal dishes. She actively volunteer teaches cooking skills at the Samaritan Homeless Clinic for individuals ready for permanent housing and volunteers for the Healthy Habits Cook Club which offers cooking classes for the developmentally disabled. Ruth cooks for many dinner and reception functions with her church and was a personal cook for a family for ten years before joining the DLM Culinary staff where she has worked for the last 15 years.


We offer a wide range of cooking classes for every level of cooking experience.

It’s time to get in the kitchen and have some fun! The DLM Culinary Center offers a wide range of cooking classes for every level of expertise and every tasting palate. Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn some kitchen basics or a foodie wanting to broaden your culinary horizon, our skilled staff and guest instructors bring something exciting and informative to the table every time. So, let’s cook something up together!

>>> View our current schedule of classes. 

Here are a couple categories you can look forward to in our schedule, made available on Wednesday, April 18:


Every good cook needs to start somewhere and these classes will help! Whether it’s a basic class on chicken, learning essential knife skills or a specific foundation skill like learning how to make fresh pasta; these classes will help build a solid foundation of cooking knowledge.


These menu-based classes are created for couples or friends who like to prep, cook, and dine together!

Next Great Chefs:

Our children already know more about cooking and culinary adventures than we ever did at their age. Help feed their passion with cooking classes geared towards them!


Perfect for corporate team-building events or private celebrations, the DLM Culinary Center offers the perfect space for your next event.

Our stunning facility boasts year-round classes focused on enhancing foodie knowledge and skills, taught by visiting chefs, foodie personalities, and our in-house experts.

Located at 6161 Far Hills Avenue, Dayton, OH 45459 (next to our Washing Square Location). Call our Culinary Center at 937-535-5696  to schedule a tour or book your date!

Private Events:

Whether you’re hosting a private bridal shower or special birthday, or entertaining friends and clients with a food & wine demonstration class, relax. We’ll coordinate your event from conception to clean up. The Culinary Center is the ideal venue for groups of any size.



Stop in and shop our large selection of kitchen essentials, cookware, linens, or that special gift for a friend. Our regular hours are Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m..



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