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Soups of the Day

Updated on 01/29/2020 08:48 am

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  • Cauliflower VE
  • Classic Chili GF
  • Minestrone

Washington Square

  • Bur-Goo GF
  • Classic Chili GF
  • Mushroom Barley V


  • Bur-Goo GF
  • Chorizo Hominy Chili
  • Cioppino

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Bavarian Pretzel Nuggets & Beer Cheese Tray

The ultimate team-up: Our famous Bavarian pretzel bites and housemade Beer Cheese for the win.

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Grocery News

The Secret to a Good (Organic) Egg at Morning Sun

After touring the farm and meeting the family and team behind Morning Sun Organic Farm, we notice one more hidden layer to what makes a good egg—the Filbrun family.

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Chefs’ Plates

Every Thursday night from 5-8 p.m., barring special events or holidays, the Wine Bar at DLM Washington Square is buzzing with excitement. Some of our most experienced chefs get a chance to show off their stuff and have some fun. They create delicious and different small plates, alongside our beer and wine tasting. Stay tuned for what we'll be serving!

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Connecticut-Style Lobster Roll

Lobster and butter go hand in hand, and this lobster roll recipe uses simple ingredients to create a flavorful sandwich.

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Italian Sausage Fried Olives

Nosh and nibble in style with these bite-sizes of delight. 

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Lobster Pasta with Shallots, Tomatoes, and Basil

We're so excited to carry Cold Cracked Lobster from our friends at Ready Seafood. The meat is extracted from the shell without heat or steam, making it easy for you to enjoy the sweet flavor of lobster without the hassle of the shell. This pasta recipe embraces the delicate and succulent Cold Cracked Lobster.

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