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Choose Your Own Bakery Box

Choose Your Own Bakery Box




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  • Killer Brownie® Chocolatier Brownie

    Featuring the finest clean ingredients, we sought to create a simply perfect fudge brownie—this is our result. Crafted with velvety chocolate and premium milk chocolate chips, this irresistible dessert is fudgy and moist with a thin crackle top.

  • Killer Brownie® Brookie

    Golden chocolate chip cookie baked together with moist fudge brownie. Soft on the inside with a slightly chewy edge.

  • Triple Chocolate Signature Killer Brownie®

    For the serious chocolate lovers. Rich chocolate brownies hug a layer of our signature caramel that’s sprinkled with chocolate chips then finished with—you guessed it—more chocolate chips.

  • Peanut Butter Signature Killer Brownie®

    The creamiest peanut butter is snuggled with melt-in-your-mouth caramel, between layers of our Belgian chocolate brownies that are folded with salty roasted peanuts.

  • Raspberry Tea Biscuit

    These biscuits are similar to a strudel or rugelach. The pastries are filled with rich raspberry preserves, walnuts, and raisins then topped with sugar. Surely the perfect treat for your mid-morning routine!

  • The Big Cookie

    Made with European-style butter, semi-sweet chocolate chunks, toasted walnuts, real vanilla, and a hint of sea salt. Enjoy warmed slightly with a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

  • Whoopie Pie

    Inspired by our visits to the state of Maine, the rich dark chocolate cake-like cookies sandwich a rich buttercream icing (with marshmallow fluff, of course).

  • Lalas by Laura's Cookies (2 ct)

    A petite version of classic Laura's Cookies, Lalas are perfectly sharable and so delicious! Lalas have a soft texture, a swirl of Laura's Cookie's signature almond-flavored icing, and are finished with colorful sugar.

  • Chocolate Chip Crazie

    We sandwich two of our housemade chocolate chip cookies with delicious buttercream icing, roll them in chocolate chips, and drizzle with chocolate! What more is there to say?

Create a One-Of-A-Kind Gift Set

Mix and match six (6) of your favorite DLM Bakery treats to create a custom gift that's perfect for any occasion. From our famous Killer Brownie® confections to Chocolate Chip Crazies, featuring decadent buttercream icing sandwiched between two chocolate chip cookies, to our oh-so delicious Whoopie Pies, this box is sure to deliver some smiles.  



Average Customer Rating:

Feb 22nd
Verified Purchase

Crazy cookies = heaven.

- Johanna (Wausau, WI)

Jan 27th
Verified Purchase

Love the variety that comes with this box and that you can choose what to put in it!

- Amy

Dorothy Lane Market says:

It's always fun to be able to pick out what items you want! Thanks for the order Amy. 

Jan 20th
Verified Purchase

Bro, my family cannot stop asking for these, I have to buy a box for every birthday now.

- TJ

Dorothy Lane Market says:

We are thrilled that your family loved these. Thank you TJ for the order. 

Jan 8th
Verified Purchase

Ordering this to be sent to a friend was easy. DLM products are always tasty and much appreciated as gifts. Thanks for another great year and looking forward to 2023.

- Shirley

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Thank you so much Shirley for your kind words and order. We appreciate it! 

Jan 6th
Verified Purchase

- Harry

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