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Your Guide to Warming Winter Cooking

  • POSTED Dec 28th, 2023
  • BY Chef Carrie Walters

There’s something about winter cooking that can be so warming, even when it’s bone-chilling cold outside. You will see lots of headlines touting different recipes for various cooking methods, such as “braising” or “roasting,” but what exactly do these terms mean? And which cuts of meat or vegetables work best for each? We’ve aimed to ready you with both recipes and a toolbox of knowledge to fuel your comfort cooking. Let’s get started!


Buying the best quality of proteins is easy here at DLM. Deciding on how to cook it at home is more challenging. The best way to decide how to cook a particular cut is to answer the following question. Is it tough or is it tender? That will help determine the correct cooking method.

stew, braise, roast


ABOUT THIS COOKING METHOD: Although slightly similar to braising, the proteins are cut into smaller pieces and are submerged in more liquid than a braised dish. This moist cooking method prefers low heat, time, and is usually covered, creating conditions for the tougher cuts and vegetables to break down.

TRY IT WITH: Tougher cuts of meat. Vegetables make good choices for stewing, such as tougher greens, like mustard greens, Swiss chard, or kale.

Cabbage & Beef Stew

Indulge in this stew with the perfect symphony of savory cabbage and tender beef.


ABOUT THIS COOKING METHOD: One of our favorite winter cooking methods starts by browning off your meat or vegetables first to help create depth of flavor and then adding a small amount of liquid. Place in a cooking vessel with a tightly sealed lid and cook in a low heat oven until the tough fibers break down and become meltingly tender. Or, simmer (covered) on the stove top. 

TRY IT WITH: Tougher cuts of meat serve this cooking method well as the connective tissues tenderize with time. For vegetables, try braising green beans, escarole, or eggplant to add velvety tenderness to the big flavors.

Braised Green Beans with Potatoes

Vibrant green beans, tender potatoes, and aromatic herbs come together in a symphony of flavors.

Classic Pot Roast

Beef is slow cooked to melt-in-your-mouth perfection, generously infused with hearty vegetables and aromatic herbs.

Sorrento-Style Braised Chicken

Embark on a culinary voyage to Sorrento with this recipe. Succulent chicken marinated in a medley of Mediterranean herbs and spices, braised to perfection.


ABOUT THIS COOKING METHOD: Tender cuts are perfect for this direct, dry heat cooking method. No lid is needed, and you do not use a lot of liquid. Dry heat helps promote a nice crust. Roasting can be done at a variety of oven temperatures from low to high, depending on your recipe or what you are roasting.

TRY IT WITH: Your tender cuts of meats. Vegetables tossed with a little olive oil work well here as the browning and caramelization equals flavor. Roast carrots, Brussels sprouts, squash, broccoli, and even cauliflower.

Apple & Bacon Stuffed Pork Loin

Succulent pork loin infused with the flavors of applewood smoked bacon.

Whole Roasted Harissa Cauliflower

Bold flavors and exquisite textures are defined in this recipe with the directions to perfectly roast cauliflower exposing its tender and flavorful core.

Parmigiano-Reggiano Roasted Broccoli

Experience broccoli like never before. Crisp-tender broccoli florets paired with the savory richness of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese.

Garlic Crusted Beef

Garlic Crusted Roast Beef

Top sirloin roast is crusted with garlic, fresh rosemary, and a drizzle of olive oil, and then roasted until the meat becomes meltingly tender.


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Thank you so very much for this e mail and the recipes. I have printed off two and plan to add them to my dinner rotation this week.

- Barbara

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