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Made Right Here Chili Creations

Grab a spoon and dig into our humble, hearty, Made Right Here chili varieties! From Classic to Chorizo Hominy, explore a flavorful assortment of chilies at our Hot Soup Bar.

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Naples-Style Pizza: The DLM Difference

True to the pizza-making styles of Naples, Italy, read more about what distinguishes our Naples-Style Pizza eating experience here at DLM.

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Home-Cooked Holidays Made Easy

Home-Cooked Holidays Made Easy With Our Holiday Dinner Menu

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Meal Ideas Made Easy With Gourmet Takeaway

At DLM, we aren’t just you’re pantry. We’re also an extension of your Kitchen when you need us to be. Take for instance our Gourmet Takeaway selection, brimming with ready-made possibilities.

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Love and Pasta

First came love, then came pasta for Grist Provisions co-owners and chefs, Casey and Patrick Van Voorhis. After tasting their handmade, ready-to-cook pasta, we knew we had to offer it at DLM.

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Eat Your Greens

Never heard of Utica Greens? This is one vegetable side you should taste!

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Italian Finds at DLM

Italy's influence can be found around our stores, most items having connections to friends made from trips we've taken throughout the years.

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Sandwich Station: The DLM Difference

The best sandwiches are a sum of all of their parts, so it makes perfectly good sense that our Sandwich Stations craft a lot of amazing sandwiches.

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Soup That's Made Right Here in Our Kitchens

On a typical day, our Deli serves approximately 225 quarts of soup. Factor in the Soup Station also located near our Meat & Seafood department and that number jumps even more.

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