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Show Your Love With Rosaprima Roses

Saying "I love you" this Valentine's Day just got better (and easier, too). We've partnered with Rosaprima, known worldwide for their premium roses and ethical practices.

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Show Your Love Now & Forever

We're excited to bring you something new this Valentine's Day that represents your love and admiration both now and into the future.

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Into the Field With Peach Mountain Organics

Down a winding road in Spring Valley is where you’ll find that majestic farm called Peach Mountain Organics.

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Trendspotting: Dried Flowers

Just like styles make comebacks, so have dried flowers. Their surge in popularity is everywhere, whether it be table arrangements, bouquets, or even decorative wreaths.

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Fresh Roses—Beautiful Maria Roses

A rose is just a rose, you say? Well let me tell you about the fresh roses we carry.

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Flower Arranging At Home

Expertly arrange flowers at home in a few simple steps.

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Journey to South Africa—Wild Proteas

I’ve wanted to see the wild Proteas and other Cape species for decades. My late August trip to South Africa was timed to coincide with the late-winter Protea blooming season.

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Tulips: The Gateway to Spring

The arrival of spring comes in many different forms, but there’s nothing quite like the brilliant colors of tulips illuminating our Floral department.

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The Simple Pleasures of Culinary Herbs

The use of fresh culinary herbs is limited only by the imagination.

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