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Show Your Love Now & Forever

  • POSTED Feb 7th, 2022
  • BY Stuart Delk

We're excited to bring you something new this Valentine's Day that represents your love and admiration both now and into the future. When we saw these bouquets from one of our rose growers, we knew they were unique and that we had to bring them to DLM. Not only do they feature exquisite long stem roses, but they are filled with fragrant eucalyptus accents and living succulents!

Initially, the entire bouquet can be dropped into a vase or jar and enjoyed. When the fresh cut roses are done, the succulents can then be carefully separated from the wooden stems that they are affixed to and laid on the surface of a pot of soil. The succulents will then root into the soil and hopefully develop into a long-lived plant for continued enjoyment—a sure fire symbol of love into the future. As Valentine's Day nears, know that we are your one-stop shop not just for surf and turf and chocolate-covered strawberries, but for roses, too.

rose and succulent bouquet

Rose Bouquet Care

1. Place fresh flowers in water as soon as possible. If they'll be out of water for longer than one hour once you leave our store, tell us so we can wrap the stems.

2. Beware of extreme temperatures. Fresh flowers exposed to extreme temps are doomed. We are happy to wrap properly or make sure the blooms are covered.

3. Fill a clean vase with cold, clean water. Trim stems with a sharp knife or pair of scissors. Remove any foliage.

4. Find the perfect spot. Place your vase in an area that is away from sunlight, heaters, or drafts. These will cause your flowers to wilt quickly.


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