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Made to Order Hot New York Deli-Style Sandwiches

  • POSTED Feb 22nd, 2023
  • BY Dorothy Lane Market

Have you ever visited New York and eaten a sandwich at one of the famous delis? We may not live in the Big Apple, but we take sandwiches seriously, too. In fact, we love taking something great and making it even better. Take for instance a classic corned beef or pastrami sandwich. From the beginning, ours made perfect sense to craft on our DLM Artisan New York Rye Bread. But something was missing. We were using very good corned beef, but it wasn't the level of greatness we needed to make an iconic sandwich. 

This led us to sourcing authentic corned beef and pastrami used in other famous delis. The corned beef is heated in the traditional manner and sliced hot to order. The pastrami is seasoned just right and griddled to greatness, then heaped high onto the bread without any fussy condiments, save for a healthy slather of yellow mustard. These sandwiches are truly mouthwatering. We know you'll like these revamped New York deli-style sandwiches as much as we do! Just come with an empty stomach and a New York-sized appetite. 

Hot Corned Beef Sandwich


We slice corned beef to order while it is hot and steamy. It's then piled high—we're talking a full 10 oz—between slices of DLM Artisan New York Rye Bread. What's not to like? Add a slather of yellow mustard and a crunchy pickle on the side!

Hot Pastrami Sandwich


True to our New York-style mission, seasoned pastrami is griddled hot to order and is heaped high on our DLM Artisan New York Rye Bread.


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Mar 15th 2023

Do you ship to,Georgia either or both your corned beef and pastramis sandwiches

- Harper

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Our Mail Order department has a few corned beef kits that can be shipped any where in the continental US. Check out

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