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Heavenly Ham® on Hand

  • POSTED Sep 30th, 2021
  • BY Chef Carrie Walters

Ah, Heavenly Ham®—just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Coated in a signature glaze of rich honey and delicate spices that’s melded together over an open flame, it’s slow cured, fully cooked, perfectly smoked, and the shining star of many dinners. Its unforgettable sweet and salty combination is something I can’t get enough of, so I make sure I have enough for dinner and then some.

The Centerpiece Dish - Heavenly Ham

Are you like me and purposely plan to have plenty of leftover Heavenly Ham®? In addition to the basic ham and cheese sandwich and bean soup, there are plenty of delicious options to feast on.

Start the day off right by adding Heavenly Ham® to your favorite breakfast dishes, like that traditional breakfast sandwich layered with egg, melty cheese, and ham, of course. I love making an omelet or a frittata filled with diced ham and different pieces of cheese I may have in my fridge. Try making a savory bread pudding or strata that can feed a family. Not only can you use Heavenly Ham®, but those leftover veggies as well.

Ham is also perfectly suited for comfort food. Think casseroles and baked potatoes loaded with plenty of cheese. Try making a Hawaiian pizza with pineapple, pieces of Heavenly Ham®, and DLM Fresh Mozzarella on our house made pizza crusts. Or, revisit the good ole days and make a retro ham salad and serve it on DLM Unbleached White Sandwich Bread.

Ever wonder if you can use all that delicious ham broth? The answer is yes! Think about using it to make grits, gumbos, jambalayas, and soups (in addition to bean) like corn, posole, or potato. You can also swap out the chicken stock with ham broth for polenta, a simple risotto with cheese, or southern style greens served with some cornbread on the side.

Ham slices last in your fridge for 3-4 days. For longer wrap slices in foil and freeze.

Check out some of my favorite recipes below for using leftover Heavenly Ham®!

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