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Cooking With Cod

  • POSTED Mar 5th, 2024
  • BY Drew Post

A great catch isn’t just synonymous with a flavorful cut of fish, garnished and seasoned to perfection. At our Seafood department, a great catch means so much more in addition to flavor, and it all starts when the fish is still in the water. DLM’s Alaska Cod is sustainably caught in the Pacific Ocean, meaning that mandates are in place guaranteeing that future generations will enjoy this succulent white fish. “Alaska is the only state that has sustainability built into its constitution,” says Karl Gustafson, our longtime Alaskan seafood provider.

 We only work with fisheries that follow the sustainable fishing practices of Alaska, and this isn’t just a happy coincidence—it’s a choice. Now through mid-spring, you can count on only the freshest Alaska Cod, an extremely versatile fish for cooking that’s also one of the mildest tasting fish you’ll ever eat. Visit our fishmongers and enjoy some fresh Alaska Cod for your Lenten season!

Cod With Capers

A delicately seasoned cod dish featuring the flavors of garlic, zesty lemon, and tender capers.

Buttery Baked Cod

This crispy, golden-brown cod dish is accomplished by a cracker coat, complemented by the addition of lemon juice and butter.


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