A signature favorite, the Killer Brownie® has been a trademarked tradition at DLM for about 30 years.

Just say its name, and you’ll hear a ripple of accolades telling swooning tales of the taste left from the nationally recognized Killer Brownie®. Choose from several varieties or stick with The Original. In each, you’ll find three tiers of gooey goodness! See below for descriptions of all varieties, including our featured seasonal Killer Brownie®, gift tins, party trays, and more.


Confetti Killer Brownie®


Meet this NEW, fun seasonal addition to the Killer Brownie® family. It’s a blondie brownie layered with oozing caramel, white chocolate chips, and a plethora of party-tastic sprinkles. Nothing says summer more than sprinkles!

Original Killer Brownie®

Multiple layers of chocolate brownie; rich, gooey caramel; and chopped pecans make for a treat you won’t soon forget.

Cookies & Cream Killer Brownie®

When you bite in, you’ll be met by a swirl of mouth-watering cream and the nostalgic flavor of an old-fashioned chocolate cookie mixed with the caramel flavors signature to Killer Brownie®.

Blonde Ambition Killer Brownie®

Macadamia nuts, Heath mix, and white chocolate added to caramel and a blonde brownie make this one a winner!

German Chocolate Killer Brownie®

This is the only brownie in our Killer Brownie® family that is made without caramel. Instead, this one is topped with German Chocolate icing containing coconut, almonds, and pecans.

Not-a-Nutter Killer Brownie®

We add extra chocolate chips to this form of the Original and, as the name indicates, we skip the nuts.

Peanut Butter Killer Brownie®

Picture an Original with peanuts and peanut butter added. Now, take a bite and savor!

Salted Caramel Killer Brownie®

We take our Original and sprinkle a generous layer of coarse sea salt into the rich, buttery caramel. The perfect blend of sweet and salty!

Brookie Killer Brownie®

The Brookie combines the decadent recipe of our Not-A-Nutter Killer Brownie® with the classic, homemade taste of chocolate chip cookies. We combine multiple layers of chocolate brownie with rich, gooey caramel and chocolate chips, and top it off with a thick layer of chocolate chip cookie.

Seasonal Flavor! Raspberry Killer Brownie®

Each season, we feature a limited-time take on the Killer Brownie®. Featured now is the Raspberry Killer Brownie®, layered with raspberry jam and sprinkled with white chocolate chips.

Killer Brownie® Tin

Looking for a great gift idea for the right price? Our Killer Brownie® Gift Tin is the answer! Four of our world-renowned layered brownies in our elegant gift tin. This would make a perfect hostess gift or ideal present for the babysitter, mailman, college student, and neighbors. Easy, convenient, and the best dessert!

Killer Brownie® Bites

Imagine the Original Killer Brownie® divided into mouth-watering, bite-size pieces, and then each piece covered in chocolate and lightly dusted with powdered sugar. Bet you can’t eat just one!

Killer Brownie® Tray

Our Killer Brownie® trays are always a hit, no matter what the occasion or time of day. Our famous multi-layered brownies – rich and delicious – are quartered, papered, and placed on a tray. Your choice of an Original or Assorted tray contains 28 pieces.

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Great Flavor from Slow, Natural Fermentation. Every Loaf is Hand Shaped. Baked on the Stone Hearth of Our European Oven. This is the Way Artisan Bread Should Be.

Why are our Artisan Breads so popular? Why do we sell thousands of loaves a week? You can see the quality just by looking, but how do our Artisan Breads taste? The crust is crispy and chewy, the interior airy and aromatic, and the flavor is full and lingering. We are able to produce breads of this caliber thanks to our staff of very skilled artisan bakers. Pick up a loaf or half a loaf of DLM Artisan Bread today at our Bakery. The crust, the aroma, the texture, the flavor… the experience is unbeatable!

See below for all of our Artisan Breads.

Asiago Cheese

Do you love good bread? Do you love good cheese? Why not get the best of both worlds? Our Asiago Cheese Bread is a flavorful marriage of our French bread and Italian Asiago cheese. This is a fun bread for dipping in soups or excellent when toasted. Our Asiago Cheese Bread holds up well thanks to its thick crust and cheese keeping the interior moist.


Our tender and delicious version of the traditional Jewish celebration bread. Many enjoy it plain, some like it for sandwiches, and others agree it makes a delectable French toast. Available Fridays.


Italian for slipper, this bread is light and airy in texture and full of holes. Enjoy this bread dipped in Vera Jane’s Extra-Virgin Olive Oil!

Classic 10-Grain

Cracked whole wheat, rye meal, corn meal, oats, rice flower, soy grits, crushed triticale, barley flakes, millet, and flax seed combine to make this bread a winning combination. Its soft exterior makes it an excellent choice for kid’s school lunches.

Classic Italian Loaf

Based on Italy’s Pugliese bread, we bake this one to a light crispy crust with an airy interior. Great for sopping up sauce and for garlic bread!

DLM Signature Round

If you love a chewy, flavorful crust, then this is your bread! We bake this big, round loaf to a deep golden brown on the hot hearth, which caramelizes the crust and seals in the flavor. It has so much aroma and mouth-filling flavor, you would be proud to serve it to your friends or guests.

French Boule

A taste of Paris in Ohio! Its soft white interior and crispy exterior have a creamy taste that will soothe your soul. Wonderful for toast and sandwiches.

Italian Sesame

This bread is perfect for sesame seed lovers everywhere – the entire loaf is rolled in un-hulled sesame seeds. It is made with semolina and durum flour. Golden color, great taste; best when toasted, grilled, or heated in the oven.

Farmhouse Bread

We make this scrumptious bread using all-natural slow fermentation that gives this bread lingering flavor and a slight sourdough tang. Thanks to its hearty crust it holds up well for a few days on your countertop. Moreover, it looks great on the dining table with its beautiful golden hue and hand-cut ribbon design on the top crust. It is used for many of our popular Famous Deli Sandwiches.

French Baguette

Our baguette has a thin crust and small interior, as well as a creamy wheat flavor. There’s no way around it: our baguette is at its peak the day it’s baked. A baguette on the next day is like Cinderella after midnight. The romance is gone, as well as the crispy crust. However, you can resurrect the flavor and texture to a large degree by following our refreshing instructions.

Miche Bread

Our Miche bread is truly a taste of France, as it’s inspired by Pain au Levain. Take a bite, and it’s clear that this bread is full of character from the crust’s chewy exterior to the bread’s dense, moist interior. The sweetness of wheat dances into a stronger, more acetic flavor, as the bread contains a unique mix of wheat, rye, and high-extraction flours, with hints of sourdough. Its shelf life extends longer than the typical fresh-baked loaf, as it doesn’t reach its flavor peak until it has sat for at least 12 hours, thanks to its moist interior. Let this bread transport you to a quintessential bakery-lined street in Paris.

New York Rye

Want a mouth-watering sandwich? How about hot pastrami and mustard, or a tuna melt? Be sure to start with good bread, and our New York Rye is just the ticket.

Pane Toscano

Skilled artisan bakers from Tuscany were the inspiration for this crusty, flavorful, and very popular bread. Simple and plain, in the authentic Tuscan tradition, it tastes marvelous. Try a loaf today!


This delicious bread is characterized by its dark color, minimal crust, and hearty rye flavor. Great for parties with our DLM Spinach Dip! Available Fridays and Saturdays only.

Raisin Walnut

Our Raisin Walnut is the perfect bread —crusty, textured, and full of flavor. We add fresh orange zest and copious amounts of jumbo flame raisins, golden raisins, and walnut halves. Just to give you an idea how loaded it is with good things, before baking, the mixture is equal parts by weight of filling to dough. After baking in our stone hearth oven, each heavy, hand-shaped loaf comes out hot, fragrant, and begging to be eaten. This bread travels well, so if you have a friend who lives far away, send them a nice present of good bread. In any case, pick up a loaf for yourself soon, and enjoy some soulful, satisfying bread.


Wonderfully generous with the rosemary, this bread comes out light and fragrant, with a crusty exterior. Serve with chicken or fish for a delicious dinner. Available Saturdays.

Rustic Country

VP of Bakery Operations Scott Fox learned how to make this one on a trip to Aurillac, France some ten years ago. It is a light, airy bread, with a thin crust. Cut in jagged pieces, this bread is truly “rustic” in appearance. Excellent for tearing and eating by the piece.

Salt Rye

Our New York Rye shaped into a boule and sprinkled with kosher salt. Try it dipped in Vera Jane’s Extra-Virgin Olive Oil for a delicious snack!


Makes a great grilled cheese sandwich or dip in Vera Jane’s Extra-Virgin Olive Oil with a spaghetti dinner.

Seedsational 100% Whole Grain Bread

The texture, the aroma, and the wonderful nutty flavor of the seeds will capture your senses in a moment. It is chock-full of a variety of seeds: flax, millet, poppy, sesame, sunflower, and pumpkin. This hearty bread is great as a sandwich or toasted and topped with DLM Organic Peanut Butter. Pick up a loaf at any our Bakeries, and it just might become your new favorite!

Sprouted Whole Grain Bread

This bread is not only very hearty and delicious, but it also has great health benefits over breads baked with conventional flour. This wholesome bread is made with 100% organic sprouted grain flour. Sprouted grain flours are digested as a vegetable instead of as a starch. Makes an excellent toast!

Unbleached White Bread

The delicate soft exterior of this white bread makes it ideal for grilled cheese, French toast, garlic bread, and sandwiches. This versatile white bread has more flavor than most.

Turkey Red Wheat Bread

We have partnered with local farmers Ed Hill, Dale Friesen, and Danny Jones to grow our very own wheat, which has been a great source of pride for all parties involved (read the full story here). It’s not just any wheat either. Turkey Red Wheat carries with it a rich history and it’s a hard winter wheat not typically grown in Ohio. When milled, it yields a flour that is slightly sweet and nutty. Our skilled DLM artisan bread bakers work it into dough and bake this Turkey Red Wheat Bread on our European hearth oven for this one-of-a-kind flavor available while supplies last each year.


Our cadre of talented bakers work while most people sleep to ensure that DLM Artisan Bread is baked fresh daily.

Classic European Pastry.

Eclairs glisten with blankets of chocolate mirror glaze; Tarte aux Fruits wear splashes of showy color; and the classic Napoleon layered high with puff pastry, pastry and whipped cream, and a white fondant icing, begging you to take the pâtisserie plunge. You may think we’re describing sights from a trip to a Parisian bakery. But truth be told, it’s a sample of the delectable artistry that you’ll find made fresh seven days a week when peering into a pâtisserie case at DLM.

It all starts with DLM Pastry Chef Lindsey Lucas and her team, as they infuse the pastry that they make with a made-from-scratch mentality. Fresh cream, European-style butter, and high-grade chocolate are the reasons why so many of our signature pastries have that authentic taste, from our handmade French pastry dough, which is the base for many of our items, to rich mousse that fills delicacies.

Every day, we feature a vast selection of 18-20 pastries, with many of those changing seasonally.  But see below for several core favorites. Contact us to place a special order for your upcoming occasion. Special orders typically require 48 hours notice. 


An Italian favorite made with ladyfingers soaked in coffee syrup, layered with light mascarpone cream, dusted with cocoa powder, and topped with whipped cream.


Freshly baked sweet crust filled with pastry cream and fresh fruit, then glazed with apricot jelly. Also referred to as a fresh fruit tart.


This is a traditional European treat consisting of flaky sheets of puff pastry made from scratch, baked, and layered with fresh pastry cream and whipped cream. Topped with fondant and chocolate.


Using organic, free-range eggs, heavy cream, and Barry Callebaut chocolate, we swirl our housemade chocolate mousse into a delicate chocolate shell to feed your chocolate craving. gluten free


The éclair begins with pâte à choux made here at DLM. It’s then baked into a light, airy shell that’s layered with pastry cream, fresh whipped cream, and topped with a chocolate mirror glaze.


We begin with light, airy cream puff shells baked here at DLM. We then fill them with fresh whipped cream and pastry cream, and finish with chocolate on top.


Featuring the traditional French bombe shape, this features a pearl-shaped fresh whipped cream surrounded by a chocolate ganache and surrounded by a crushed macadamia chocolate, comrpised only of fresh macadamias and European-style butter. It’s then all enrobed in a chocolate mirror glaze. gluten free

Crème Brûlée

Torched to order, each creme brûlée is caramelized by our Bakery associates to your specification. Or, let us know if you prefer to complete this step at home. Underneath the caramelized shell, you’ll find a traditional French custard base, set in a clay ramekin for you to keep. This favorite arrives to us from our good friend Ghyslain. gluten free


Our pastry Shop Manager Lindsey Lucas enjoys bringing her creative ideas into 'play' as she creates the delicious pastries displayed in all three of our stores.

Laura’s Cookies are iced sugar cookies unlike any other, with each carefully decorated by Laura and team.

Laura’s Cookies have a reputation that precedes them. For many years, we’ve partnered with Laura for these hand-rolled sugar cookies with an unmistakable almond-flavored frosting. Laura’s Cookies are made in the DLM Bakehouse and available exclusively through Dorothy Lane Market. With many unique designs to choose from for special orders, they’re perfect for any occasion, such as a wedding, party, or baby shower.

We feature of a selection of Laura’s Cookies in our Bakery daily. Or, choose from a variety of designs and let Laura and her staff create cookies for you that will be truly memorable!


Looking to place a custom order?

To place a custom order for Laura’s Cookies to pick up, stop by or call one of our three DLM Bakeries. Special orders may require 72 hours advance notice. Laura’s cookies come in both small and large sizes, dependent on desired shape.

Want to send Laura’s Cookies via mail as a gift? We can help with that, too.



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Handpainted Perfection from renowned chocolatier Ghyslain Maurais.

We hear it often—Ghyslain Chocolates are too beautiful to eat, but you’ll get over it after the first bite. Nearly 20 years ago, we began collaborating with renowned chocolatier, foodie extraordinaire, chef, and all-around-great guy Ghyslain Maurais. When you visit Ghyslain Chocolatier, Inc, which is less than 70 miles from Dorothy Lane Market, you’ll note that there are no machines mass-producing these artful bites. They handpaint each tiny little canvas and then set a white chocolate coating behind it to ensure that the color is vibrant. All of this happens before the chocolate is even set and filled, with time needed between each step before the next one begins.

Ghyslain chocolate isn’t just meant to be savored (or devoured), but indulged from the hand-painted chocolate shell to the flavorful ganache encased inside. Look for a selection of Ghyslain Chocolates featured in stores at Dorothy Lane Market.


In the small town of Union City, Indiana, you’ll find the big-city personality of Ghyslain Maurais, foodie extraordinaire, chef, and chocolatier.

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