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Unfold Our Croissant Couture

  • POSTED Mar 5th, 2024
  • BY Greg Tyzzer

In the DLM Bakehouse, we are always on the hunt for improvements we can make to our products to achieve results that are as close as possible to what you would get at an old-world bakery that prizes technique, ingredients, and flavor over convenience. Our new DLM Croissants are a testament to this. While the process is relatively simple, no short cuts can be taken when crafting the perfect Parisian-style croissant. We start with mixing a pre-fermented dough with water, salt, yeast, European butter, milk, and unbleached, unbromated flour. The dough is then sheeted out and left to ferment overnight so it can be chilled and develop maximum flavor.

The next day, the dough is pulled out and laminated with more layers of rich, European butter. We end up with a block of croissant dough bolstering 81 layers of butter. The croissant dough is then cut, shaped, and washed with egg before we give them another twenty-four hours of fermentation before proofing. We apply another showering of egg wash before baking to achieve the delicate, shattering crust which is only part of our desired end result. Cut one open and you see the beautiful, glistening flaky pockets of croissant which easily hold your favorite jam. You may notice that our croissants have a straight shape, and that is in accordance with European tradition. A curved croissant in France means it contains margarine and the straightened shape signifies that it contains all butter. In addition to our small and large sizes, we also have a Chocolate-Filled Croissant and Almond-Filled Croissant. Enjoy with a cup of coffee and you will surely taste the DLM Experience in every bite. 


Boasting 81 layers, just slice one of our DLM Croissants and a cascade of perfect pockets in between fluffy folds smiles back. We love how when a good jam or butter is applied, they distribute instantly into these nooks and crannies. Here are some jams to start your journey! 


The boutique creator of these exquisite artisan jams started about 40 years ago just outside of Paris. Using traditional cauldron cooking methods, the goal with each jar is to "awaken the epicurean in all of us" with flavors like Pink Grapefruit from Corsica, Blackcurrant, or Strawberry Champagne Preserves.


Born out of its founder's love for entertaining, these jams run the gamut of sweet to savory, awaking a myriad of possibilities. You'll love a smear of Raspberry Amaretto Jam or Strawberry Fig Jam layered thick on one of our DLM Croissants. 


From a farmers market to an award-winning line of specialty foods, we often equate products from this New England food purveyor with quality. The Wild Maine Blueberry Jam was one of the flagship items from the beginning, inspired by co-founder Jim Stott's grandmother's blueberry pie. 


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