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Pad Thai Dinner Kit

Pad Thai Dinner Kit



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Make Pad Thai at Home

If you are looking for a food adventure but are a little intimidated by preparing Pad Thai yourself, this is the perfect kit! Thanks to our friends at Watcharee, you can enjoy great Pad Thai at home. We include a simple chef-inspired recipe with the following ingredients:

Watcharee Pad Thai Sauce

Red Boat Fish Sauce

Taste of Thai Rice Noodles

Sriracha Chili Sauce

DLM Extra-Large Peanuts

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You just need to add a few fresh ingredients and protein of choice. The secret to Pad Thai is prepping in advance and then it pulls together in minutes. Even for the most challenged of home cooks, this is so easy and the results will rival your favorite Thai restaurant.


Get Pad Thai Recipe!

Use This Kit's Ingredients to Make Pad Thai at Home! Just add your protein.

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