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Fancy French Pantry Favorites - A L'Olivier

Fancy French Pantry Favorites - A L'Olivier



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Unbox France with A'Olivier Fancy French Pantry

No travel plans to France? This French Collection will help ease the pain. It is filled with a variety of French classics that will please any Francophile. This season we feature an exquisite brand: A L'Olivier (Ah-luh-oh-lee-vyeh). We have chosen two infused French Olive Oils, one fruit vinegar, and one exquisite unadulterated Olive Oil in a stunning stoneware bottle. The possibilities are endless with this gift set. Drizzle on everything from salads, fish, meats, cheeses, bread and more. The French do not need a reason to celebrate, they celebrate life every day with delicious food. In fact, we have heard it said in France, a day without good food is a wasted day, and we tend to agree. 

Please note: This French Pantry selection changes seasonally, we are currently highlighting A L'Olivier from Provence, France.


What's in the Box:

  • A L'Olivier French Olive Oil in Stoneware Bottle
  • A L'Olivier Basil Infused French Olive Oil Tin
  • A L'Olivier Lemon Infused French Olive Oil Tin
  • A L'Olivier Fig Vinegar

A L'Olvier History:

In 1822, in the Marais district of Paris, pharmacist Eugène Popelin founded A l’Olivier. He had one thing in mind when he began this venture: to introduce Parisians to the benefits of olive oil, which were little known at the time. A l’Olivier quickly acquired an unrivalled reputation for its exceptional selection of premium olive oils. 

A L’Olivier is a family-run business with a history spanning several generations. Its founders, Amand Darbonne and Eugène Popelin, shared a love of nature and a curiosity for the incredible aromatic richness of plants. They both explored the countryside in search of new aromatic plants to inspire new, vibrant flavours that would give a new lease of life to every home-cooked dish.


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Mar 16th 2023
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- Calvin

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