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Fancy French Pantry Favorites

Fancy French Pantry Favorites


The French Collection Gourmet Pantry Set

No travel plans to France? This French Collection will help ease the pain. It is filled with a variety of French classics that will please any Francophile. Whip up those wonderful French bistro salad dressings with Banyuls vinegar, Nicolas Alziari French Olive Oil and Edmond Fallot Mustards. Indulge in French chocolate from Paris as well as an Aioli from the Luberon region to enrich any sandwich or egg dish.

The French do not need a reason to celebrate, they celebrate life every day with delicious food. In fact, we have heard it said in France, a day without good food is a wasted day, and we tend to agree. No days will be wasted enjoying these French treats.


What's in the Box:

Vinegar of Banyuls
Le Chocolat de Francais 41% Milk Chocolate
Delices du Luberon Garlic Aioli
Edmond Fallot Mustard
Nicolas Alziari French Olive Oil


Average Customer Rating:

Mar 16th
Verified Purchase

Our friends loved this gift set. They called right away to say thank you.

- Calvin

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