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Spanish Tapas Gift Box

Spanish Tapas Gift Box



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About Our Spanish Tapas Gift Set

Share these classic tapas (or pintxos depending on the region in Spain) with your friends and family. Bring back memories of a trip to Spain or introduce friends and family to the wonderful traditions of Iberian culture. Combine the authentic 6-month Manchego from La Mancha with a slice of cured chorizo. Then switch to the Basque-like favorite of tuna or sardines atop a Spanish cracker. To balance this all out, savor the crunchy yet creamy Marcona Almonds and last, but not least, the chocolate-covered Largueta Almonds (Piedras de Chocolate). All products are produced in Spain and carefully selected just for you. Treat yourself or send your love with this curated hcollection.


This Tapas Gift Box includes:

  • Palacios Chorizo
  • 6-Month Manchego
  • Spanish Tuna
  • Matiz Sardines
  • Marcona Almonds
  • Piedras de Chocolate (Chocolated covered Largueta Almonds)
  • Paul and Pippa Crackers from Spain

Taste the Tapas Culture

We invite you to pick up some Spanish food finds from us this month, create a variety of tapas, gather a few friends, and savor the greatness of Spain!

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