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The Ultimate Comfort Food: New DLM Pot Pies

  • POSTED Mar 1st, 2022
  • BY Chef Carrie Walters

Pot pies have long been hailed as a freezer staple for a quick dinner that comes complete with that homecooked feeling. But that isn't always the reality. The bummer behind the microwavable frozen potpie is that it's filled with plenty of soupy gravy that I sometimes burn my mouth on, the quality of the meat is sometimes questionable, and there is a scattering of small, machine-diced veggies.

DLM Chicken Pot Pie
DLM Chicken Pot Pie

Our DLM Pot Pies are not anything like those pot pies of the past. They've always been extremely good, but we’ve recently worked hard on getting the crust, the ingredients, and the ratio of sauce just right. We took a cue from the flavorful, high-quality protein and savory veggies found in meat pies or hand pies from the UK and Australia for inspiration.

Our revised pot pies are chock-full of chicken or tender beef with mushrooms, carrots, peas, and a thick, rich, savory gravy that is full of deep flavor. The crust is both flaky and tender and made with ingredients we all can pronounce. You can find these in our Meat departments, or have them shipped via our online shop, just ready to be baked for a satisfying meal.



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