DLM Chicken Pot Pie

DLM Chicken Pot Pie



3 lbs
DLM Chicken Pot Pie

We take our pot pies seriously, working hard to perfect a flaky, tender crust and ensure the quality of ingredients along with the ratio of the sauce are all top notch. Taking a cue from the flavorful, high-quality protein and savory veggies found in meat pies or hand pies from the UK and Australia for inspiration, DLM Chicken Pot Pies are chock-full of chicken with mushrooms, carrots, peas, and a thick, rich, savory gravy that is full of deep flavor. Simply pop in the oven and enjoy a piece of this classic comfort food. Serves 4-6


Pot Pie Perfection

From the high-quality protein to the savory veggies to the rich, hearty gravy, dig into what makes DLM Pot Pies the ultimate comfort food.

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Average Customer Rating:

Jun 22nd
Verified Purchase

I sent this to my Dad for fathers Day… he said it was delicious loved it and I will be sending him more throughout the year. Thank you!

- Elizabeth (Raleigh, NC)

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Thank you very much Elizabeth for sharing. We are thrilled to hear he enjoyed it. 

May 26th
Verified Purchase

We sent this a condolence gift and it was well received. They mentioned that it was the perfect comfort needed at the right time.

- Calvin (Springboro, OH)

Mar 24th
Verified Purchase

Size great. Packaging great. Crust...wonderful. filling...could have used a bit more flavor...rosemary? Thyme? Something needed. Was good but nobody was interested in second helpings.

- Pamela (Garner, NC)

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Thank you for this feedback! We will pass it along. 

Mar 18th
Verified Purchase

Karen was so very helpful in putting my custom order together. And the recipients loved what I sent. (They always do !) Pie was delicious 😋

- Marketa (Lebanon, OH)

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Thank you Marketa for the order and review. Karen is such a valued part of our team. We will let her know. 

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