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The Holiday Pear

  • POSTED Nov 29th, 2022
  • BY Michelle Mayhew

The Holiday Pear has arrived! With its sweet, buttery, creamy texture, no pear can compear to these Holiday Pears. 

First cultivated in the mid-1800s near Angers, France, it's known properly as the Comice pear. They came to the United States in the 1850s to Hood River Valley, Oregon. This area has the perfect climate for growing pears with its rich, volcanic soil, glacial springs, cool nights, and warm days. All of these good growing ingredients make these wonderful pears that hail from deep in the heart of Hood River Valley the best eating pear. 

holiday comice pears gif

It is in Hood River Valley where you will also find the Duckwall family, our new Holiday Pear grower. This family has owned and operated a pear business for 102 years! Wow, that’s a long time. Duckwall has been producing the highest quality Comice pears, with multiple generations laboring together to provide you with the best pears grown in the Pacific Northwest. These pears are the crème de la crème of fruit, as they say! 

With a short window of a growing season, now is the moment to come on in and take a bite of this sweet explosion of a pear thanks to the juices within. You better grab a napkin, too, because after one bite of these pears, you'll be hooked. Not only are they great for eating, but they are a pear to gift as well, so ask us about our Holiday Pear Gift Box. On our Holiday Pear displays, we include signs noting which pears are "ready today" or which are best in a few days. Once you grab one, you'll be ready for another, so you better grab at least a few! It's the best eating pear around and a true gift from nature to enjoy this holiday season while it's here! 


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