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DLM Holiday Pear 6-ct Gift Box

DLM Holiday Pear 6-ct Gift Box


The Crème de la Crème of Fruit

PLEASE NOTE:  We cannot ship past 12/27/23.

Unwrap a beloved foodie treasure this holiday season—the Holiday Pear! Grown for us by the Duckwall family in Hood River Valley, Oregon, where the warm days and cool nights make for ideal growing conditions, Holiday Pears (also known as Comice pears) are the creamiest, most luscious pears around. The DLM Holiday Pear Gift Box is carefully packed with six of these highly sought after pears, making it the perfect gift for anyone on your list.


Pearology: The climate in Hood River Valley, Oregon, is absolutely perfect for the growing conditions of the extremely sensitive Comice pear. The cool nights and warm days of this area of Oregon result in this exquisite fruit.

The Pear Necessitates: As the Holiday Pear ripens, the areas of green skin color will turn a yellow hue.  The rule of thumb is to check the neck for ripeness by applying gentle pressure to it with your thumb.  If it gives slightly, it's ready!  The Holiday Pear is delicate, so handle with care.  

These pears will be carefully shipped in a DLM Pear Box and ideally arrive within two days of being packed.  

It’s Here, For A Limited Time Only

It’s Here, For A Limited Time Only

An exceptional pear from Oregon

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