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Local Grain Movement: Three Farmers Sourdough

  • POSTED Jun 12th, 2023
  • BY Greg Tyzzer

Ask anyone at the DLM Bakehouse what it means to be a part of Ohio’s local grain movement, and the answers you’ll get will likely echo the word community. We get visits often from Ed Hill and Jon Branstrator—two of our knowledgeable local farming friends who are helping to fuel this movement locally. They stop in to talk shop or bring us new samples of locally grown grains to test-bake with. These types of interactions with our local grain growers are so important to growing our knowledge, understanding, and connection. It's what makes us pioneers in bridging this connection between farmer and baker. Truth be told, we consider them part of our family. These are relationships we hold dear, so when it came time to name a new bread that combines locally grown grains from three different Ohio-based farms, Three Farmers Sourdough made perfect sense.

 With this new bread, we sought to symbolize locally grown grains in the purest, most nutritious form and the sense of community with our local grain growers. This naturally leavened loaf is made entirely from local flours using Red Fife from Branstrator Farm, Turkey Red Wheat from Danny Jones, and Maverick Spelt from Brandt Family Farm in Carroll, Ohio. Brandt is our most recent partner in our pursuit of growing our local grain program. Not only is this our only whole grain sourdough bread, but it's our first bread containing Spelt. This ancient grain dates back over 9,000 years being consumed by civilizations in the Middle East and Mesopotamia. Spelt is also known to be easily digestible as it is high in fiber and absorbs more water than other forms of wheat. As our local grain program continues to grow, so does our palette of local grains and flavors to create from. We're ecstatic to continue bringing wholesome and nutritious breads to your table while working with local farmers to feed our community.

Try these delectable Three Farmers Sourdough toast recipes!

Summer Feta & Radish Toast

Summer Feta & Radish Toast

Tangy feta cheese is paired with thin slices of radishes and finished off with microgreens and Vera Jane's Extra- Virgin Olive Oil.

White Beans & Greens Toast

White Beans & Greens Toast

Topped with fresh earthy flavors from sautéed greens and smooth cannellini beans.

Sriracha & Hot Honey Toast

Sriracha & Hot Honey Toast

Sriracha and hot honey is drizzled on a layer of smooth peanut butter spread atop our delicious Three Farmers Sourdough bread.

Cucumber & Dill Toast

Cucumber & Dill Toast

Refreshing thin slices of cucumber on cottage cheese topped off with herbs.


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Jul 3rd 2023

Very good! Ingredients?

- Diana

Dorothy Lane Market says:

The three local grains we are using are Maverick Spelt, Red Fife, and Turkey Red Wheat- hence the name Three Farmers Sourdough.

Jan 10th

I’m obsessed with this bread! I love it so much!

- Nora

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