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Behind the Loaf: Ciabatta

  • POSTED Mar 31st, 2022
  • BY Jessie Kuhn

Bakers like Rahn Keucher know their math. Take, for instance, how a pound or two discrepancy in the contents of a 50-lb bag of flour could alter the finicky behavior of dough. The solution? Rahn rescales entire recipes in his head to account for such idiosyncrasies. So it's no surprise then that he can calculate that he's baked nearly one million loaves of Ciabatta over 23 years—well 900,037 loaves to be precise.

Some of you may know Rahn—he ran his business Rahn's Artisan Breads for many years, selling to restaurants and at a retail location inside 2nd Street Market. So when Scott Fox, DLM VP of Bakery, heard that Rahn, by his own decision, had closed shop in February 2020, he was interested in seeing if he'd like to work at DLM. That vision came to life about 9 months ago. "He's been a problem-solver and a fresh set of eyes," says Greg Tyzzer, DLM Bakehouse manager.

DLM Artisan Ciabatta Bread

Upon joining the DLM family, Rahn's intent has never been to come in and change our Artisan Breads—he wants to be a part of the team. But when he brought in a loaf of his time-honored Ciabatta to share with co-workers, including Greg and Scott, they knew that having Rahn make changes to our Ciabatta recipe wouldn't be a mistake. Featuring an old dough technique and even more hydration, the result is a lighter and airier bread. Ciabatta, which means "slipper" in Italian, is an elongated loaf unique for its open-hole structure encased within a thin yet crisp crust.

For Rahn, Ciabatta is a special bread. With five kids in his family, he often sets a loaf on the table and they pass it around, breaking off pieces and leaving only a flour-dusted square of evidence of its existence. He saw his customers enjoy it for many years, and now he is happy that those at DLM can, too.

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May 28th 2022

So glad to hear that Rahn is working at DLM!! Miss him and his bread so much! Will you ever have him make salted rye and Guinness Stout bread? His was the best ever! I would order 15 loaves at a time! Please say yes!!!!!

- Diane

Dorothy Lane Market says:

I am glad that you like Rhan's bread! I am even happier that Rhan has joined the DLM Bake House team. We are now making his pretzels as well as his stout bread but a little different. We are using our locally grown Turkey Red wheat to make it. I hope you like it! 

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