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A Really Good Egg

  • POSTED Mar 30th, 2023
  • BY Dorothy Lane Market

It's no secret that we love the cage-free, organic eggs that come to us from Morning Sun Organic Farm, located on 160 acres in West Alexandria, Ohio. The Filbrun family first introduced us to their family farm's eggs almost 25 years ago. Over the years, we've had the pleasure of spending time with Dale Filbrun's entire family, including his son Daren. Our admiration for their eggs and the craft of the Filbrun family in what they do is so great we knew that there was only one egg we'd want to bring under our DLM label. We are very grateful that the Filbrun family said "yes," giving us the opportunity to introduce Dorothy Lane Market Organic Large Eggs to you.

DLM Organic Eggs

So what makes our egg a very good egg? To start, the chickens are certified organic, something the Filbrun family embraced in 1992 in their quest to raise nutrient-dense food. They also are cage-free chickens. This means that there are multiple openings on the barns that offer the chickens shelter and nesting areas. This not only supplies ventilation, but the chickens are free to roam green pasture as they wish. As Dale explains, a good egg starts with a happy, healthy chicken, which is the result of its environment, even down to the soil. Although the chickens do plenty of natural foraging when they are roaming the pasture, they also are fed a non-GMO grain that the Filbrun family grows. The result is what Dale describes as "nutrient-dense food" when it comes down to those beautiful brown eggs laid by chickens at Morning Sun. It's an egg so good that you'll look to this one when it comes to crafting your favorite deviled egg recipe this Easter, a memorable breakfast casserole, a special baked good, or a simple breakfast when cooked over-easy and served with a slice of toasted DLM Artisan Bread.

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