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Meet Our Local Partners

From our early beginnings as a humble fruit and veggie stand in 1948, we've always been a destination known for our unwavering sense of community, family, and good food. Our local heart beats stronger than ever as we connect with area farmers and vendors who uphold quality and pride in their products similar to ours. From the deep scarlet strawberries of late spring to the rotund tomatoes of the heat of summer, come Love Local with us all summer long.


Brentlinger's Farm Market - Sweet Corn

The sound of towering corn stalks rustling in the wind on a July morning is the music of nature at its best. Once the harvest starts in July, Ray Brentlinger, a local farmer whose beautiful land sprawls in New Carlisle, Ohio, wakes early to meet his crew and get picking. Afterwards, he heads to Dorothy Lane Market with a truckload of corn, making deliveries to each of our stores. He greets us with a smile, we have a good laugh, and we part ways with his sweet corn in hand, still damp with morning dew. These deliveries continue daily until the season subsides. Every year, as our local sweet corn season nears, we feel a deep sense of appreciation for Ray and everyone at Brentlinger Farm.

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Brickel Creek Organic Farm

Sue Borton fell for a 69.5 acre farm in Jamestown, Ohio, which includes the original Brickel family historic home. One of her first priorities was to work with the Ohio Ecological Food & Farm Association to get a portion of the land certified organic, which she did and continues to maintain. She not only aims to farm produce with love and integrity, but focus also on the soil that is a basis for nurturing everything that yields from it, as healthy soil holds water and nutrients. Then, once the produce is picked, like her herbs, it is delivered the same day to ensure a product that is packed with the highest nutritional value. This is just part of the reason why Sue is the queen when it comes to growing certified organic herbs year round that you can find at our stores. We are honored to know that her herbs are grown to their nutritional peak with love.


Guided By Mushrooms

A hidden gem lies nestled in Dayton, Ohio, that gives rise to culinary treasures chefs clamor to have in their kitchens. As we embark into our journey to explore the Guided By Mushrooms growing facility, what looks like a large-scale science experiment begins to unfold before our eyes. This is fungiculture—the art of cultivating fungi—and it takes true scientists of sorts to achieve such quality exotic mushrooms year-round that are coveted by talented chefs. Enter the founding scientists behind Guided By Mushrooms—David Sparks, a web developer, and Audra Sparks, a former educator. What began as a hobby in their garage in 2018 quickly mushroomed into a full-scale business by 2020 that serves the fungi appetites of local restaurants spanning Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus, in addition to our stores. Their mushrooms are harvested daily and delivered to our stores. Now that says fresh! So come and tap into your culinary side and experiment with these gourmet treasures on your plate!

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Tracey Rae - Farmer Florist

Always on trend, Tracey Rae's stunning local bouquets are truly something to behold. She curates must-have combinations featuring the best of the season, from the ranunculus and anemones in the spring to peonies, dahlias, and snapdragons as summer ebbs forward. Located in Midland, Ohio, we clamor to see what she's brought us when she pulls up with our delivery and customers do too. In fact, Tracey Rae's Instagram following (@TraceyRae_farmerflorist) is so robust and flower-forward that fans often get a sneak peek of the flowers she has harvested and resulting bouquets for upcoming deliveries to our stores.

Not only are her flowers first-rate, but so are her designs. "Her flowers touch people. Everyone likes her stuff," says Stuart Delk, Floral & Plant Director at Dorothy Lane Market. He notes that her passion for trend-watching gives her bouquets an edge that could compete with the best in big cities, but with that authentic, local touch. We are so grateful that Tracey Rae does what she loves so we can admire her bouquets, too.


Ghyslain Chocolatier

In 1999, DLM’s VP of Bakery & Coffee Bar, Scott Fox, read an article about chef and renowned chocolatier, Ghyslain Maurais, and he knew he had to taste the chocolate and meet Ghyslain himself. That was the start of their over 20-year friendship that has brought us Ghyslain’s stunning creations, including his hand-painted, artisan chocolates!

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Grist Provisions

First came love, then came pasta for downtown Dayton’s Grist Provisions co-owners and chefs, Casey and Patrick Van Voorhis. Their handmade, ready-to-cook pasta in many ways embodies the heart of entrepreneurship and sheer talent, the fire ignited when drive meets ambition, and the story of a family coming together.

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Eagle Ridge Apiaries

The expert beekeeper behind our DLM 100% Pure Honey is the one and only Al Tuttle. He’s a busy bee himself as he tends to about 50 hives total with around 50,000-60,000 bees inhabiting each hive. All of these bees work together to help produce the sweet, golden, and glistening honey you see on our shelves.

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Morning Sun Organic Farm

Our relationship with the Filbrun family goes back more than 20 years, giving us the opportunity to work with multiple generations of this close-knit family. Their certified organic and cage-free chickens are given ample space to roam and fed organic grain grown on their farm located near West Alexandria.

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More Local Friends

That Guy's Family Farm

Looking for some fresh, local produce? We know a guy! Guy Ashmore to be exact. He’s the owner of That Guy’s Family Farm, located just outside Clarksville, OH. Guy provides Dorothy Lane Market with more than 30 farm-fresh, certified organic staples, from lettuce and squash to tomatoes.

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That Girl's Flowers

"That Girl" is the one and only Nellie Ashmore. The girl who provides Dorothy Lane Market with some of the most beautifully grown, organic flower bouquets also happens to be “That Guy’s” daughter! This isn’t a surprise since family is a huge part of That Guy’s Family Farm and That Girl’s Flowers.

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Orion Organics

When you meet Jon Paul of Orion Organics in Yellow Springs, you’ll find that his enthusiasm and knowledge for organic, healthy produce is contagious. From squash to sweltering summertime red tomatoes and peppers, we look forward to a variety of hometown produce streaming in all summer long.

Turkey Red Wheat Bread

Turkey Red is a hard winter wheat that’s not predominately grown in Ohio, but thanks to three local farmers—Danny Jones, Dale Friesen, and Edward Hill—we have a local crop that's milled farmside and delivered as needed to our bakers.

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The Flower Field - Sunflowers

Deanna Garber's Piqua-based farm is brightly clad with sunflowers as summer heat intensifies, and we look forward to these radiant blooms making their way to our stores.

Local Grass-Fed Beef

All of the local farming families work with us to ensure that they abide by our program's best practices, meaning they are fed a 100% grass-fed diet and are lifetime free of antibiotic and added hormones. As the cattle—Scottish Highland, Wagyu, and Aberdeen Angus—graze on the lush, spring grass, the flavor profile of the beef changes dramatically causing the Omega-3s and CLAs to surge.

VanMeter Family Farm

Knowing that the strawberries are picked the day before delivery, you just can't get fresher than the ones coming to us from the VanMeter family. Their strawberry farm is located on 100 rolling acres in Clarkson, KY, and is a labor of love for the whole family.

The Eicher Family

Located in Adams County, Indiana, the Harvey Eicher family has given us even more time to enjoy round, juicy, locally grown tomatoes past their usual growing season because of the hoop houses they are grown in. Every year we look forward to not only their tomatoes, but other fresh produce from about 10 different Amish farms that they bring with them.

Wesler Orchards

In the hilly splendor of New Paris, Ohio, sits around 7,000 apple trees stretching across the horizon with about 25 different apple varieties. Their apple cider we’ve come to know and love at DLM starts with blend of at least four different varieties of hand-picked apples. The result is a fresh, flavorful cider with no preservatives.

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Peach Mountain Organics

When you meet Leslie Garcia, she is graciously humble and clearly a hard worker (as all flower farmers are). But upon further digging, you realize that she is also deeply dedicated to growing certified organic flowers. Her majestic farm, Peach Mountain Organics in Spring Valley, is filled with vibrant colors, such as the geometrically detailed and dazzling dahlias that she grows with great care.

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80 Acres Farms

80 Acres’ name comes not from the number of acres the farm uses to grow produce, but from the farm acreage equivalent to the amount of yield they are able to produce using vertical indoor farming techniques. This Cincinnati-based company grows lettuce, microgreens, and tomatoes year-around using zero pesticides, minimum food miles, and 100% renewable energy.

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Cedar Ridge Trails

There’s something special about this locally grown cut lavender from the Pascoe family in Miamisburg. The connection between Cedar Ridge Trails and DLM goes all the way back to DLM founder Calvin D. Mayne who was raised in the house on the farm.

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Boston Stoker Coffee

For many years, we’ve had a wonderful relationship with Dayton’s beloved Boston Stoker Coffee, featuring high-quality beans sourced directly from farmers and roasted in small batches. Enjoy whether you’re picking up a bag or stopping by our DLM Coffee Bar!

Maverick Chocolate Co.

You don’t have to look far to find chocolate makers who see their work as equal parts passion and craft—a science to be explored and continuously perfected. Cincinnati-based Maverick Chocolate Co. is just that. Founder Paul Picton and his son Ben are adding a new spin to the classic comfort of chocolate with their delicious chocolate bars.

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DLM A2 Guernsey Milk

Just one look and you can see that our DLM A2 Guernsey Milk is something special, boasting a golden-colored milk rich with both flavor and nutrients. This is thanks to Adrian Bota’s passion for nutrition and innovation, which we are grateful to highlight with our very own DLM A2 Guernsey Milk.

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