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That Guy's Farm & That Girl's Flowers

  • POSTED Jun 3rd, 2022
  • BY Dorothy Lane Market


Looking for some fresh, local produce? We know a guy! Guy Ashmore to be exact. He’s the owner of That Guy’s Family Farm, located just outside Clarksville, OH. Guy provides Dorothy Lane Market with more than 30 farm-fresh, certified organic staples, from lettuce and squash to tomatoes. He's dedicated to raising his produce with quality and love. When you meet Guy and the Ashmore family, it’s clear that they are doing what they truly love and it shows in their produce! Dedicating around 12 hours a day during summertime to perfecting their produce comes naturally to Guy as he expresses, “I just love the seasons and being outside … ultimately working with family is the best part of it all.” Guy’s work has always been family oriented. Growing up on a farm, he was raised watching his dad milk cows when he was just the mere age of six. He began on his own in the late 70s, and before he knew it he was raising and selling produce with his family only a few years later. 

That Guy's Farm

Pictured: Guy and Sandy Ashmore along with their son, Conard.

Hearing Guy reminisce about his earlier days on the farm, it’s obvious that agriculture was his calling from the very start. And as Guy grew, his farm grew, too. Guy hit a turning point in his career—he desired something different, something new, and something a little more fresh! Therefore, Guy’s farm sprouted into something great as he got his first acre certified organic in 1998 and has been sustaining his certification ever since. We encourage you to get a taste of That Guy’s Family Farm at DLM this local season. We also think that if you know "That Guy", you should get to know "That Girl"—his daughter—too. 

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“That Girl” is the one and only Nellie Ashmore. The girl who provides Dorothy Lane Market with some of the most beautifully grown, organic flower bouquets also happens to be “That Guy’s” daughter! This isn’t a surprise since family is a huge part of That Guy’s Family Farm and That Girl’s Flowers. “Ever since I can remember, my family was always raising vegetables and flowers and I always helped with them,” Nellie says. From helping to pick and cut stems, her interests blossomed into growing about 30 different types of flowers independently. Nellie has truly found her calling. 

That Girl's Flowers, Nellie Ashmore

Pictured: Nellie Ashmore, That Girl's Flowers

Flowers are such beautiful things; every single harvest and every single bouquet is different. Since Nellie is a farmer florist, she is able to enjoy the beauty of growing flowers paired with the creativity of designing and arranging bouquets. Stuart Delk, Floral & Plant Director at Dorothy Lane Market, takes pride in our relationship with That Girl’s Flowers and the remarkable local floral products that Nellie delivers to our stores. “We’re both growing. Our program is growing, you’re growing, and it all fits together. It’s truly wonderful!” exclaims Stuart to Nellie. That Guy and That Girl make it easy to love locally grown organic produce and flowers. The relationship DLM has between these two vendors has flourished and grown into something beautiful and accessible for the community to see. Nowadays, people are gravitating toward local flowers, generating more support than ever for these local blooms. If you have not hopped on the trend yet, we suggest you enjoy a bouquet from our local growers, like That Girl's Flowers, soon! 

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