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Apples Grown at Wesler Orchards

  • POSTED Sep 30th, 2021
  • BY Jessie Kuhn

Just a few miles east of the Indiana border, the hilly splendor of New Paris, Ohio, gives way to the paradise that is Wesler Orchards. Around 7,000 apple trees stretch across the horizon, representing about 25 different varieties. For many years and multiple generations, the Wesler family oversaw this orchard. It wasn’t until 2012 that apple cider became the main focus of the business model. So when we were looking for a local grower and cider maker to partner with for our DLM 100% Apple Cider, we knew we had found that, both in flavor and technique. 

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If you pay attention, you’ll notice subtle taste nuances from one batch of cider to the next. These inconsistencies are actually a big part of the magic that is Wesler cider, as each batch is a blend of at least four different apple varieties, making the cider a true reflection of the apples that are harvested and pressed at their peak. It’s that blend of tart and sweet when you take a sip that swirl together for a truly robust cider flavor. Our DLM 100% Apple Cider is flash pasteurized, contains no preservatives, and is made from 100% pure apples. This results in a darker cider overall, brimming with fall flavor.


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Oct 24th 2022

Love your cider and look forward to it each fall.

- Lynda

Nov 5th 2023

Very fresh and delicious, best I have ever tasted. Thank you! I bought it at Pipkins in Blue Ash, Ohio

- Carol handorf

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