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Tuscan Food Favorites

  • POSTED Aug 19th, 2021
  • BY Jack Gridley

Low-lying hills with clean, graceful curves and a forest of vineyards make the countryside of Tuscany a temple of beauty. When I traveled there in 2001, my assignment was to study in an Italian butcher shop and bring knowledge of Tuscan food home of these oven-ready specialty meats that have made the area famous.

Even now, the memories of sharing a bottle of Chianti Classico with Stefano Falorni in the Piazza Matteotti seems like just yesterday. Stephano and his brother Lorenzo are the fifth-generation owners of the Antica Macelleria Falorni located in Greve, the heart of the Chianti district. I spoke six words of Italian and they bested me by speaking seven words of English. Yet, the language of great food made with superb ingredients is universal. So when you see these gorgeous oven-ready meats in our Meat case, we can all thank our friends in that family-owned butcher shop.

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Look for the following oven-ready Italian meats when you visit the Meat department at DLM:

• ARISTA PRONTA DA CUOCERE Pork roast seasoned with fresh rosemary and garlic. The savory, aromatic herbs and seasonings complement the tender roast pork.
• MONTASTICI Boneless eye-of-round beef thinly sliced and rolled with mozzarella cheese and prosciutto.
• PORCHETTA Boneless pork rolled with fresh pork belly. It’s extremely juicy and full of wonderful pork flavor.
• PORK CUTLETS SIENNA Thick-cut pork chops pounded into cutlets and breaded.
• POLLO RIPIENO Boneless chicken stuffed with ground pork, veal, and bread crumbs and seasoned with rosemary, salt, pepper, and garlic.
• FAGOTTINI DI POLLO Boneless chicken thighs seasoned with fresh rosemary and garlic.
• PETTO DI TACCHINO Boneless turkey breast stuffed with fresh basil, garlic, and fennel. Tender turkey gains so much flavor from the classic Tuscan herbs and seasonings.

Jack Gridley outside of a Tuscan Salumi, where he studied with Italian butchers.


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Apr 12th 2023

Sounds wonderful! These cuts would'nt be available for mail order by chance? I live inthe Cleveland area.

- David

Dorothy Lane Market says:

We cannot ship these items due to USDA laws. We are not allowed to ship any meat product that is not in its original packaging from a state or federal inspected facility.  Perhaps you'll be in the Dayton area in the near future and you can pick one up and take it home.


Apr 12th 2023

Need to have cooking instructions and would like to know what the ingredients are in the stuffing.

- Chris

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Each Tuscan meat item will have different cooking temps and times. Ask any Meat associate about the product you are interested in.

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