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The Ultimate Comfort Cookie: Laura's Cookies

  • POSTED Oct 1st, 2021
  • BY The Laura of Laura's Cookies

For 30+ years, my five sisters, sister-in-law, and I have been baking Christmas cookies together. Typically, on the day after Thanksgiving, we gather at my brother’s home, which my parents built in 1954, and we bake. When we first started our tradition, we had about a dozen different recipes that we made every year, but we were always looking for new recipes to add.

About 25 years ago, we added a special recipe to our annual baking tradition. It was a rolled cookie dough with a taste that reminded us of a sugar cookie that our mom would make for us. I loved the cookie dough, but I didn’t care for the royal icing we initially tried. The thick, soft sugar cookie did not seem to be enhanced by the hard, tasteless royal icing.

So, I developed my own special almond-flavored frosting to complement the cookie. We decided that this combination was just right and Laura’s Cookies was born. We soon referred to it as the ultimate “comfort cookie.”



I'd been in hospital administration for my entire professional career (17 years), and in 1999 I decided that I wanted to move in a new direction. What that would be, I had absolutely no idea.

I took full advantage of career development sessions offered locally and found out a few things about myself. Most significantly, I had experiences, skill sets, and a self-awareness of my strengths and weaknesses that indicated a potential to be a successful small business owner. I was intrigued—but what business could I start?

While taking a 10-week SBA class at Sinclair Community College, I would bring a variety of cookies to get feedback from my classmates and instructor. The “comfort cookies” (now known as Laura’s Cookies) became the most requested for repeat tastings. That became the focus of my business plan. My primary challenge was to find a commercial kitchen to bake in and an outlet sell my cookies.

Laura's Cookies


This was 21 years ago. One of my book club friends was acquainted with Scott Fox, DLM VP of Bakery, and I was able to get a meeting. I explained that I had a cookie that everyone seemed to really like, but that I needed a place to bake. Scott expressed interest and shared that DLM likes to promote quality, local products. A day later, I brought in 2-3 dozen “Laura’s Cookies” in different shapes. We met in the Oakwood Bakery manager’s office (a very pregnant Shelley Eberle). There are two things about this meeting that I will never forget. The first is Shelley opening the container, biting into a cookie, and then turning around in her chair exclaiming “this is the best cookie that I've ever had!” Scott tasted one and agreed with Shelley, and asked for more samples. He called the next day and asked when I could start baking!


The only thing that has changed is that the trans fats have been removed from the ingredients.

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Honestly, no (insert laughter). My informal business plan when I started was to make enough cookies to cover my living expenses, save for retirement, take a couple vacations a year, and maybe have a couple of employees. Fast forward to 2021 and 5,337,000+ cookies later. Laura’s Cookies has a huge fan base, an amazing team, and a beautiful production facility at DLM.


My favorite sweet memories are those shared with me by customers. Laura’s Cookies have become a part of so many people’s lives and celebrations. Major life events have been made even more special with Laura’s Cookies. Innumerable grandchildren have been delighted when a grandparent arrives with Laura’s Cookies in hand. Corporate clients look forward to holiday gift boxes of Laura’s Cookies. A gift of a single Laura’s Cookie can brighten someone’s day. It truly brings me joy to know that there is a happy memory in every bite.


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Oct 19th 2021

Hi! I’m a soccer coach for 8-10 year old girls. I’d like to get soccer ball and personalized blue/white soccer jersey cookies for my team for their end of season party this Saturday. The party is at 11a so I’d need them before then. I know it’s short notice! I can have someone pick them up as late as 10:30a Sat. If you’re not able to do those, I’m open to other options. If you’re not able to do any, I understand it’s short notice. Thank you! Hazelyn Almeter

- Hazelyn Almeter

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Hi Hazelyn! Thank you so much for reaching out and we sincerely apologize for the delay. We recommend calling the Bakery at your preferred DLM location to place your order.

Dec 11th 2021

I am receiving Laura's Cookies very soon as a gift which we all look forward to enjoying for the holidays. My question is we have a peanut allergy with one of our members. Is there a concern with these cookies. Thx and Season's Greetings!

- Cynthia

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Hi Cynthia! Thanks for the great question. There are no peanuts used in Laura's Cookies, however they are baked in a facility where peanut products are made, so there may be some cross contamination.

Mar 6th 2022

Do you all take orders to ship? I live out of state and miss these cookies dearly!!

- Nicole

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Hi Nicole! Thanks for the question. Yes, we do. Here is a link to see what we can ship: 

Apr 21st 2022

Do you make Derby themed cookies? I am having a dinner party on May 4th and would love to serve you cookies!

- Melinda Drake

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Laura's Cookies does indeed make Derby-themed cookies. They offer horses, a horseshoe, and red roses. Please call the store of your choice and place your order at least 72 hours in advance of the the party.

Apr 27th 2022

May I please have this amazing recipe??? They are to die for

- Sophia

Dorothy Lane Market says:

I'm sorry that Laura does not give out her recipes for her delicious cookies. If she did, we'd all be making them instead of buying them!

May 10th 2022

I LIVED IN OAKWOOD. MY BROTHER WORKED AT DORTHY Lane in oakwood while going to Ud. I would visit him sometimes on weekends. He said you have to buy one of these cookies. Laura's cookies. He was right. They are the best. You made many heart felt memories for us. I thank you. Big Hug Bill&Joanne Rochford-Teague

- Joanne Rochford-Teague

Dorothy Lane Market says:

We are thrilled you love them as much as we do!

May 31st 2022

My daughter passed away janurary2021. These were her favorite cookies. I plan on getting some to share at her celebration of life this month. (I kinda like these cookies too!)

- Dar

Dorothy Lane Market says:

We are so sorry for the loss of your daughter. Thank you for sharing Laura's Cookies during her celebration of life.

Dec 19th 2022

I am planning a baby shower and the theme is baby animals, can you make lions, giraffes and other baby animals?

- Lynn

Dorothy Lane Market says:

The Bakery department has a book with all the shapes Laura can make. She does have baby animal cookie cutters perfect for a baby shower!

Dec 19th 2022

I am planning a baby shower and the theme is baby animals, can you make lions, giraffes and other baby animals?

- Lynn

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Yes, all of the shapes are available by calling or stopping by the Bakery, They have a complete list and can take your order.

Apr 12th 2023

I have just eaten a sugar cookie in the Easter theme and it has to be the best I've ever had!!! I hope this is your cookies! How can I tell? They are sprinkled with colored sugar. Soooooo delicious!!!

- Emily Abrams

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Laura's Cookies are an exclusive item sold only by Dorothy Lane Market. And yes, they are the best!

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