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The Poké Phenomenon

  • POSTED Feb 27th, 2024
  • BY Dorothy Lane Market

The poké bowl passion has been a growing one. If you've traveled to any major city, you've seen that it's been fully embraced with an evolution of flavors. Our Sushi department has taken note of this trend. Just as they partner with our Seafood department to source the best sushi grade fish with meticulous standards for our sushi offering, they uphold that same quality when it comes to crafting our new poké bowls. Although our poké bowls have a Japanese-style influence, we can thank the Hawaiian culture and Asian influences for this fresh creation, now available at our Sushi department.

The name poké literally means "cut pieces" and refers to the raw sushi grade fish that is marinated and layered with fresh ingredients. There is a base of rice (we look to our sushi-grade rice) that is adorned with fresh vegetables and sometimes fruits, like a bit of mango, as well as the marinated raw fish. Today, the poké phenomenon is a sensation, spreading from the Los Angeles food culture and beyond. 

Poke Bowl Proteins 

To start, our Sushi chefs will offer either a marinated red tuna or a salmon. Both sushi grade fish are marinated in a custom blend, including sesame oil, soy sauce, and seasonings, like black sesame seeds and scallions. 


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