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The 4 Elements of a Lobstermania Feast

  • POSTED Apr 29th, 2022
  • BY Drew Post

1. Fresh Maine Lobster

Fresh Maine Lobster

Thousands of Maine lobsters make their way to DLM for Lobstermania each year the Saturday before Memorial Day, and this year, May 28, is no exception! Back by popular demand, our lobstering friends at Ready Seafood Company will be making the trek back to DLM along with their freshly caught lobster from the brisk waters of Maine. Their mission is simple: To share their succulent, fresh lobster with Dorothy Lane Market as well as their passion for sustainable practices to ensure lobster for many generations to come. 

You can choose live lobster and embark on a cooking adventure at home (GET COOKING TIPS). Or, if you'd rather skip that part, that's okay, as we'll also have pre-cooked whole lobster available! 

Over the years, customers and associates alike have made a tradition out of Lobstermania. I’ve always loved the excitement of building large displays the morning of and watching customers line up early—some with their chairs in tow. It’s cool to see familiar faces of families coming back each year and everyone builds conversation and friendships while they wait. This has been a tradition for 40 years, so let’s keep it going. Come get yours (the line will start inside by our Seafood department), and make some wonderful memories, while supplies last! 

2. The Famous Narragansett Fresh Catch

The Famous Narragansett Fresh Catch

Seafood is part of the very fabric of New Englanders and this refreshing blonde ale is the perfect pairing with shellfish thanks to its dry hop flavor softened with a crisp grapefruit finish. 

3. Cheesy Cheddar Biscuits

Cheesy Cheddar Biscuits

The perfect accompaniment to your lobster feast? Cheesy Cheddar Biscuits, of course! Think pockets of Cheddar cheese nestled in flaky, garlicky, melt-in-your-mouth dough, finished with a generous slathering of herb butter. Our Bakery will offer these baked or oven-ready during Lobstermania! 

4. DLM Whoopie Pies

DLM Whoopie Pies

Last year, in celebration of foods from New England, the DLM Bakery brought to life our very own Whoopie Pie. They were so wildly popular that they are here to stay! You won't regret having this sweet on hand for your Lobstermania feast. Intense chocolate cake sandwiches a delightful buttercream filling. Find them in stores or have them shipped via our Online Shop. SHIP YOURS!


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