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Pacific Northwest Seafood Bounty

  • POSTED Sep 30th, 2021
  • BY Jack Gridley

Pacific Northwest seafood has a delicious reputation. Travel up the coastal highway from southern Oregon to British Columbia and you will find coastal communities awash with fisherman’s wharves selling the freshest of the day’s catch, crab shacks, and upscale restaurants.

Pacific Salmon

One of the foundations of great seafood from the Pacific Northwest and of our Native American culture is the Pacific wild salmon. Both Wild King Salmon from the mighty Columbia River returning to spawn and ocean troll-caught salmon are both sustainably fished. Wild King and Coho Salmon possess some very high fat content making them the perfect choice for grilling, cedar planking, or smoking. Simple and fresh is the best way to enjoy this wonderful bounty.

Pacific Coast Rockfish

Pacific Coast Rockfish can be one of 12 varieties sold commercially. It’s the most common nearshore fish of North America’s coast and is normally classified as a Red or Black Rockfish. They all are firm, lean, and mild flavored with a flaky texture, which makes them versatile for any style of cooking. They take the added flavor of seasoning well and are excellent for a crudo or ceviche.

Our canned Dorothy Lane Market Albacore Tuna is another gem from the coast. Made from young hook and line caught Albacore tuna from the Oregon coast and canned locally in olive oil and Jacobsen Sea Salt. These tuna are caught as juveniles before they have accumulated mercury from years at sea.

Pacific Northwest shellfish are in abundance all year round. Check out the oysterology of the many types and harvest areas to choose from. Just like a fine wine, these shellfish pick up the flavor and texture based on water salinity, tidal exchange, and action of the surf.

You don’t have to make an expedition to the Pacific Northwest … let us bring it to you!


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