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Make it a Mardi Party With King Cake!

  • POSTED Sep 30th, 2021
  • BY Dorothy Lane Market

The tradition of enjoying King Cake leading up to Fat Tuesday is one we look forward to. Oval-shaped cakes are decorated in traditional Mardi Gras colors; purple represents justice, green means faith, and gold stands for power. Our King Cake comes with festive beads and a small plastic baby, which the host hides in the cake. The guest who receives the piece of the cake with the figure is said to be bestowed with good fortune and is obligated to host the next Mardi Gras party.

This New Orleans’ favorite came to Dayton 20 years ago when Scott Fox, DLM’s VP of Bakery, attended a meeting hosted by the Cincinnati Bakers Guild. He met a southern baker from New Orleans who explained what a King Cake was, and then provided a tutorial on how to make it.

Scott took the ball and ran with it, bringing the first King Cake to Dorothy Lane Market in 1999. “That first year we only sold about 100 cakes, but the following years they really took off” Scott says. Now, DLM bakes nearly 2,000 full-d King Cakes for the season, along with a miniature “baby” cake for those who want just a taste of this sweet treat. Stop by and pick yours up while you can. After Fat Tuesday, they disappear until next year!


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Jan 12th 2023

Do you have King Cakes

- Karen

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Yes, The DLM Bakery now has King Cakes thru Fat Tuesday. Enjoy!

Jan 26th 2023

What flavors of filling do you have?

- Nancy

Dorothy Lane Market says:

We carry the following King Cake flavors: Plain, Raspberry, Cherry, Cream Cheese, and Apple. Enjoy!

Feb 17th 2023

Can I get a King Cake delivered locally?

- Don

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Yes, You can order a King Cake at and arrange for a delivery.

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