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Love Your Wedding Cake: Top Trends for 2023

  • POSTED Feb 1st, 2023
  • BY Dorothy Lane Market

As your special day takes shape, the wedding cake is a symbolic (and flavorful) extension of it. We want you to know that you can trust us to create a cake that is uniquely you. I'm very proud to say that our cake designers are the best—in fact, two of them recently competed in an international competition and won top honors. So as excitement is in full throttle for your special day, don't be afraid to let us make your wedding cake dreams a reality.

6 Wedding Cake Trends for 2023

Metallic Steampunk

1. Metallic Steampunk

Modern with a little steampunk moodiness, this cake shines with the metallic copper and black combo! Designed by Kaytlyn

Shabby Chic Wedding Cake Trend

2. Shabby Chic 

The palette knife technique and delicate florals are both modern and timeless! Designed by Sabrina

Lambeth Wedding Cake Trend

3. Lambeth 

Vintage meets modern with this regal aesthetic that's full of frill and flavor! Perfect for the Judy Garland or Downton Abbey fan. Designed by Emma 

Stained Glass Wedding Cake Trend

4. Stained Glass 

This dainty cake is enlivened with textures and a watercolor floral pattern rimmed in gold that evokes a garden tea party style. Designed by Whitley 

Geometric Wedding Cake Trend

5. Geometric 

Shapes take center stage, such as the hexagon pattern on this cake inspired by honeybees and sunshine. Designed by Whitley 

Midnight Glam Wedding Cake Trend

6. Midnight Glam 

Dark colors are having their moment and the result is instant elegance that allows subtle textures and pops of color to shine. Designed by Emma


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Jun 28th 2023

Do you have cake tasting and can we design our own cake ?

- Kristy

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Yes, we do indeed have cake tastings. Please email to set up a time.

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