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Local Grain Movement: Einkorn Bread

  • POSTED Sep 6th, 2023
  • BY Greg Tyzzer

As our Local Grain Movement continues to grow, we at the DLM Bakehouse are continuously searching for ways to bridge the past with the present. We believe our new DLM Einkorn Bread is a testament to this. Einkorn is believed to have originated in the Fertile Crescent over 10,000 years ago and is considered to be the first wheat ever cultivated by humans. It is known by bakers and farmers alike as the “Great-Grandfather of modern wheat.” This is why it's pretty momentous that we are baking bread with the resulting flour from locally grown Einkorn.

Along with Einkorn's prestigious history, it also boasts a number of unique health benefits compared to modern wheat. This grain has never been hybridized, remaining the same for the entirety of its existence. It contains 14 chromosomes vs. the 42 in modern wheat and has far less gluten making it easier to digest. It also has higher levels of beta-carotenes and fiber compared to hybridized wheat. Our Einkorn Flour hails from Brandt Family Farm in Carroll, Ohio. It's picked up by Jon Branstrator and he mills it at his Clarksville, Ohio, farm into flour for us to bake with weekly. 

This loaf is quite different than most that we bake. Due to its lower gluten content, it doesn’t get as tall as a traditional sandwich loaf; instead, you get a dense loaf with a soft interior. We mix it with just a touch of honey before giving it a long fermentation period so that this ancient grain can speak for itself. Look for it through fall!


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Sep 8th 2023

Tried DLM Einkorn Bread today for the first time; I love it!

- Robin

Dorothy Lane Market says:

We are so glad you enjoyed it!

Sep 10th 2023

The description doesn’t say if your Einkorn bread is while grain. Is it? It’s important to my wife for dietary reasons. Thank you.

- William

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Einkorn is a whole grain and very nutritious. 

Sep 11th 2023

The DLM Einkorn Bread is delicious! What are the ingredients? There is no ingredient label on the packaging. Are there any preservatives?

- G

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Good Morning! The ingredient label is found on the back of the loaf. The ingredients are Einkorn Flour, Water, Honey, Sea Salt, Instant Dry Yeast, Gold Yeast, Sorbitan Monosterate,and Ascorbic Acid.

Feb 1st

I love this bread!!!! It toasts up well and is chewy and soft with a hint of sweetness. I can't wait till it is back in season!!!

- Helen

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