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Home-Cooked Holidays Made Easy

  • POSTED Sep 30th, 2021
  • BY Jason Belcher

Everyone loves to have homemade dishes at their family gatherings, but we understand that it can be challenging to make everything from scratch with everyone’s busy schedules around the holidays. The Kitchens at Dorothy Lane Market are here for you to help create lasting memories and let you enjoy the holidays with your loved ones. After all, Made Right Here is what makes DLM special. What this means to us is making great food with fresh ingredients from scratch, and yes, even with love. We wouldn’t make anything for a customer that we wouldn’t be proud to take home to our own family.

Reserve Your Home-Cooked Holiday Today! (Orders can be place through Friday, November 18.)

Our Holiday Dinner for Two Bag has all your favorites!

We really take pride in knowing that the food we make in our Kitchens every day is creating a bond with our customers that can’t be replaced, and our special Holiday Dinner Menu is an extension of that. You can mix and match in a way that best fits your needs.

If you want to create a whole holiday meal made by “Aunt Dorothy,” or if you’re looking to cook the turkey yourself and supplement sides to go along with it, we can do that. From fully cooked DLM Free-Range Turkey and turkey breast raised locally at Bowman & Landes to sides, the Holiday Dinner Menu is here to help you in a number of ways. Some of my personal favorites on the menu are the Sweet Potato Casserole, Cranberry-Orange-Walnut Relish, and of course you have to try our Homemade Mashed Potatoes and Turkey Gravy.

To place your Holiday Dinner Menu order, you can do so online, or in stores—our Deli department can help you plan out your complete meal from start to finish. After all, our knowledgeable staff has been preparing for this all year and we are ready to help in any way we can. This time of the year is truly when we shine, so let us help make this holiday a memorable one!

Order Your Holiday Dinner Menu Favorites!


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Nov 1st 2021

nice write up for the holiday dinner menu how about a link to the on-line order?

- edmund

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Hi Edmond! Thank you for reaching out. There is a link embedded in the article to reserve your Holiday Dinner Menu items.

Nov 7th 2021

Can I buy only turkey gravy.

- Shirley

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Hi Shirley! Absolutely. You can pick and choose your favorites to reserve from our Holiday Dinner Menu.

Nov 13th 2021

Hello, we were wondering what the cost is for Thanksgiving dinner for four people?

- Alisa

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Hi Alisa! Thanks for the great question. The cost can vary depending on how much and the different types of food you'd like to purchase. By visiting DorothyLane.com/RSVP, you can view the prices of each of the items we have available for your holiday dinner.

Nov 13th 2021

Do you have any small dinner options for 2 or 3 people?

- Kim

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Hi Kim! We do. Please head to DorothyLane.com/RSVP to view our options. And thank you for reaching out!

Nov 29th 2022

Will you have holiday meal for Christmas?

- Sharron

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Yes, the Deli will be making side dishes that are perfect with ham or turkey. You can reserve them online or in the stores.

Dec 10th 2022

When can we order the Christmas dinner meal? I loved the Thanksgiving one so now want one dinner-for-two for Christmas.

- marylyn

Dorothy Lane Market says:

You may start ordering Christmas dinners online at https://reservations.dorothylane.com/home

Apr 2nd 2023

I need a precooked Easter dinner for 12

- Patricia

Dorothy Lane Market says:

You can preorder your Easter meal at https://reservations.dorothylane.com/home

Everything is cooked and ready to reheat. Enjoy!

Oct 17th 2023

how do I place an order ? New here living in an Ohio and shop weekly at Springboro would love to order in advance . Sharon

- Sharon

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Our RSVP page for reserving your turkey and holiday side dishes will be live on the website around October 26. Just click on the link and place your order. Or, you can stop by the Deli counter after this date adn place your order with an associate. Happy Thanksgiving!

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