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Food Explorer New England Eats

  • POSTED Sep 30th, 2021
  • BY Chef Carrie Walters

New Englanders have a fierce loyalty for their home towns and their patriotic history. Between the cordial quirkiness of the small towns, the buzz of big city Boston, old fishing ports, stunning architecture, plus the great outdoors—road tripping through New England is a must, especially as the beginning notes of summer are starting to play in May. We get it—miles and miles of gorgeous coastlines, picturesque lighthouses, quaint towns, and tons of outdoor activities. But let’s talk about the food—think succulent seafood from the land of lobster, as well as plump, briny oysters and clams for days. So many lobster and clam shacks, so little time! You’ll also find a plethora of local farmers’ markets (and Maine blueberries), renowned cheesemakers, breweries, and bakeries with whoopie pies piled high. What’s not to like? 

New England Vibe

Eat, Drink, & Relax With New England

Although the New England salty breeze can only be found on the coastline, we can all embrace its relaxing coastal cool vibes. That is, of course, with a few essentials like the freshest seafood around along with accoutrements like a crusty DLM Baguette slathered in Vermont Creamery Butter. To really set the tone and get the gear, look no further than our Home & Gift department and the DLM Culinary Center! So embrace your evening and if there's a chill in the air, grab a blanket or sweater and enjoy!


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