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Discover Our French-Style Rôtisserie Chicken

  • POSTED Jul 2nd, 2024
  • BY Drew Post

Our Ferrari red, French-style La Rôtisserie oven loaded full of plump, juicy chickens is a spectacular sight. As each spindle turns, the drippings splash onto the birds below, resulting in a slow but steady basting process. The result is an ultra-moist, tender DLM Rotisserie Chicken that'll leave you hungry for more. We start with a bigger bird, which not only results in more meat, but a juicier, more tender finished product. In addition to size, we look to only the best, featuring DLM Natural Chicken that meets our strict standards of being lifetime free of antibiotics and growth promotants, vegetarian fed, and humanely raised. The chickens are air-chilled, resulting in an all-around better tasting chicken. Once you have the best bird, the next ingredients are great skill partnered with cutting-edge equipment. 

La Rotisserie

When you get our rotisserie chicken, you’ll first notice the golden skin. Never too crispy, but evenly browned and seasoned, housing a perfectly moist meat. That’s the beauty of how the rotisserie oven cooks. It gently turns, slowly allowing the bird to cook evenly. Our rotisserie masters keep quality front of mind and never overload the rotisserie; instead, they patiently and continuously cook chicken throughout the day. The result is a better eating experience that has elevated DLM Rotisserie Chicken to a mainstay favorite. 

Thai-Style Chicken

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