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DLM Difference: DLM Free-Range Non-GMO Turkey

  • POSTED Oct 1st, 2021
  • BY Jack Gridley

Thanksgiving Day is meant to be a day (and hopefully for some time after) of reflection and gratitude. The gratitude of a successful harvest season and the wonderful bounty we have at our dinner tables. Giving thanks for the foundation of our great nation and the humanity of all people.

Give thanks at your Thanksgiving table by sharing this meal with your immediate family. Maybe you always cook the bird or maybe it is your first attempt. Either way, it’s a wonderful way to spend time together. Here at DLM, we are grateful for the opportunity to share with you a very special turkey. It’s locally raised, free-range, never administered antibiotics, and fed a non-GMO diet. It truly is a DLM Difference that we hope you’ll enjoy.

Share in Our Turkey Tradition!

5 Things to Know About DLM Free-Range Non-GMO Turkey


When you visit Bowman & Landes Turkeys in New Carlisle, Ohio, you’ll be greeted by the fall brilliance of splashy colors. DLM has partnered closely with Bowman & Landes to raise our turkeys for many years!

A few years ago, we proudly announced a huge DLM Difference when it comes to our turkey. We debuted DLM Free-Range Non-GMO Turkey. This was the result of a lengthy, ongoing process we embarked on with Bowman & Landes involving farm audits and documentation of procedures to make sure our flocks were raised Non-GMO Project Verified.

Our turkeys can roam in outdoor greenspace if they wish where they can bob and weave with curiosity. Carl Bowman says that this isn’t just to make a more flavorful turkey, but it provides the conditions for a healthier one.

DLM Turkeys have always been antibiotic and hormone free. They are fed a diet that in addition to being non-GMO, also is 100% vegetarian.

As Carl Bowman told us on a past visit, “A happy turkey is a healthy turkey. … We translate a healthier turkey to a more flavorful one.” We couldn’t agree more.


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Nov 15th 2021

Could you please provide the per pound price of your fresh Bowman & Landes fresh turkeys?

- Celeste

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Hi Celeste! Thank you so much for reaching out. Please head to DorothyLane.com/RSVP to view our most up-to-date prices on items you can reserve for the holidays.

Nov 16th 2021

Would love to order one of these - can you confirm if the precooked Fully Cooked DLM Free-Range Turkey is GLUTEN FREE? Thank you!

- Nora Geraghty

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Hi Nora! Thank you for the question. Yes, our turkey is gluten free.

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