DLM Difference: Killer Brownie®

  • POSTED Oct 1st, 2021
  • BY Dorothy Lane Market

People often ask me where it all started when it comes to our Killer Brownie®. Sure we started selling them at DLM in the early 80s, but in some ways it began in 1953 with chocolate-covered ants. I know that sounds strange, but my father and DLM's founder, Calvin D. Mayne, knew how to catch people's attention and make a memorable experience. I noticed as a kid that he'd bring unique items to DLM that you couldn't get anywhere else—and every aisle had something truly special—whether it was a goat cheese from Norway, the best selection of coffee in town, or those chocolate-covered ants. So the mentality that started with my dad was instilled into me and the DLM culture very early on. It was that "killer strategy" that resulted in the Killer Brownie® and many other signature favorites that we've developed over the years.

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The first time I tasted that double layered brownie nestled with pecans, velvety caramel, and powdered sugar... I knew it was something special. So we very humbly baked these in the basement at DLM Oakwood. We realized that our Box Lunches wouldn't be complete without one of these for dessert, so word started to spread and the rest is history because all it takes is just one bite. Fast forward 40 years and millions of brownies later. Thanks to hard work by plenty of good people, it's now grown into a sister company to DLM run by my daughter Chimene and her husband Matt Ross. So although we don't sell those chocolate-covered ants anymore, we sure do have great brownies. Thank you, Dayton, for loving them as much as we do.


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