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DLM Difference: Heavenly Ham®, a Timeless Tradition

  • POSTED Oct 1st, 2021
  • BY Jack Gridley

The thing about tradition is that it brings us comfort, even as many of our typical holiday plans are shifting. This is why at DLM, we continue to do what we do best this holiday season, which is to provide Honestly Better® food and service every time. So no matter how different your holiday looks this year, the pleasure of a good meal is a tradition to hold tight. Our Heavenly Ham® is one of those food traditions at so many households, earning it a place on our list of treasured DLM Differences for plenty of good reasons.

Not only is it dressed with our signature glaze of a sweet, rich honey and delicate spices, but it's all sealed in with a high-heat open flame. The result is a rich caramelization that locks in the juices and enhances the natural flavor within. The hams are slowly cured and hickory smoked, making them ready to heat and serve at a moment's notice.

Ship a Heavenly Ham®!

We first embarked on bringing such a treat to DLM in the early 80s with the help of a good friend who taught us a thing or two. Norman Mayne tells the story best as we sought to bring our ambition to life: "We ruined so many hams, but eventually (with help) we got it right. Millions of toothpicks later and after our first holiday season... they loved it." Before we knew it, Heavenly Ham® was one of our holiday season bestsellers, eventually expanding to also ship and embraced as a corporate gift. Heavenly Ham® certainly is a tradition we'll hold on to.

Heavenly Ham for the Holidays


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Nov 1st 2021

Can you tell me if your Heaven,y Ham is gluten free? I was wondering about the glaze. Thank You, Peggy Ricca

- Peggy

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Hi Peggy! Thanks for the great question. Our Heavenly Ham® is gluten free!

Dec 2nd 2021

How far in advance do I need to order a ham for Christmas

- Tammy

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Thanks for the question. We are currently taking in-store reservations at the following link: https://reservations.dorothylane.com/holiday-roasts-and-heavenly-ham We will have plenty of hams!

Dec 7th 2021

If I order a Heavenly ham how long will take to get here I'm in conowingo md 21918

- Loretta

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Hi Loretta! The ham should arrive within two days of shipment from Dayton, OH, barring any carrier delays. Some orders may require expedited shipping.

Dec 8th 2021

How long does an unopened ham keep in the refrigerator.?

- Paula

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Thanks for the great question! An unopened ham can last up to 14 days refrigerated. However, we recommend enjoying it within 7 days for the best experience.

Dec 10th 2021

I see that the ham doesn’t arrive frozen, so how long can it be kept before and after eating at Christmas? Eight pounds feed how many? Thank you

- Jean

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Hi Jean! Thanks for reaching out. Our hams can last up to 14 days unopened, but we recommend enjoying them within 7 days for the best eating experience. And we suggest 1/2 to 3/4 lb per person, so an 8 lb ham will typically feed about 16 people. And if you happen to have leftovers, you can check out some of our recipes featuring Heavenly Ham® here: DorothyLane.com/Recipes/Category/HeavenlyHam

Dec 14th 2021

Is there soy in the glaze?

- Jodi

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Hi, Jodi. There isn't any soy in the glaze. Thanks for reaching out!

Dec 24th 2021

I live in apollo beach FL.. I would like to know where I can buy a heavenly ham?

- Arleen Stone

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Thanks for asking about our Heavenly Ham®. You can order a ham to be shipped to you at the following link: https://www.dorothylane.com/item/HeavenlyHam

Apr 19th 2022

We were at friends house on Easter. They had a Heavenly ham It was the best ham I ever had

- James

Dorothy Lane Market says:

We are so glad you enjoyed it!

Sep 16th 2022

Would love to get a ham for Christmas to feed about 6 people. What size should I get and when should I order it . We live in Ashtabula Ohio 44004 . Please keep me in mind and let me know when you can get it out to me. Need payment information on the different sizes Thanks 🙏🏾

- Leonard

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Good afternoon,

Thank you for contacting us. The only size of Heavenly Hams we have available are 7-8lbs. This size ham serves 12 people. I understand this is unfortunate for smaller families and their gatherings.

Heavenly Hams need ship by a 2-Day or Overnight shipping service speed. The 2day shipping charge is $20 and the Overnight charge is calculated by your merchandise total. 

Please visit our website for more shipping information or to place your order. You may contact us if website assistance is needed.


Again, thank you for your inquiry.

Oct 20th 2022

Do you have smaller heavenly hams as I would like one for Thanksgiving? Would like it boneless if possible! Thanks

- Glennis

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Thanks for asking about our Heavenly Hams. Dorothy Lane has sold Heavenly Ham for more than 30 years and has truly become a Holiday Tradition. The smallest spiral cut hams are between 6 and 7 pounds and currently we do not sell a boneless one.

Nov 1st 2022

I do not like Honey Baked. I want a store that ships heavenly ham.

- Kaye Cash

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Then you are in luck. DLM Mail Order ships Heavenly Ham® through the continental United States. Enjoy!

Dec 16th 2022

Is there an allergen list for the heavenly ham? Any tree nuts in the glaze or made in a facility that uses tree nuts?

- Angela

Dorothy Lane Market says:

As for the Ham, the only allergen is there are nitrites. There are no tree nuts used in either the ham or the glaze but the glaze could be produced in a facility that contains tree nuts. If this is a problem we can sell you a ham that contains no glaze.

Dec 29th 2022

Can you freeze heavenly ham to use for a later date

- Connie

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Yes, you can freeze Heavenly Ham up to one year.

Mar 17th 2023

Ordering an Easter Ham. Easter is 4/9. I do not want to order too early. How long can I keep the ham in the fridge before serving, for freshness? Shipping to Spokane, Wa 99208

- Maggie

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Our Heavenly Ham® can last up to seven days in the refrigerator. You can ship one to Spokane via our DLM Mail Order department.

Apr 3rd 2023

Are Heavenly Hams available for purchase in the Chicago area ?

- Jenny

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Heavenly Ham® is sold all over the US. Dorothy Lane Market only has a franchise to sell in stores in Montgomery and Warren County, Ohio. We can ship hams online from our Mail Order site anywhere in the continental US. 

Apr 4th 2023

Do you have to order a heavenly ham or can I come to your store and pick one up. Also how are they when heated in the crock pot. I want to go to Church and have dinner shortly after with the family.

- Karen Gridley Morrison

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Heavenly Ham® will be available in the stores (we are closed Easter Sunday) or you can reserve one online. We don't recommend heating it in a crock pot. It is fine eating it at room temperature if you want to leave it on the counter before you head out to church. Or, you can reheat is on a low temp in the oven for one hour.

Oct 31st 2023

Is your Heavenly Ham the same as Honey Baked Ham. Has Honey Baked Ham provided the ham to Dorothy Lane

- Kathy

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Peer Foods out of Chicago provides us with our hams through Heavenly Ham®, I’m not sure where Honey Baked Ham buys there’s from. Heavenly Ham® is a franchise that DLM owns for Montgomery and Warren County, Ohio and they provide us the glaze recipe that goes on the ham.

Dec 15th 2023

how much does a ham weigh?

- jack

Dorothy Lane Market says:

A half ham is 7-9 pounds and a whole ham is 17-18 pounds.

Dec 16th 2023

I had one of your Ham’s at my Brothers and his lovely wife on a early Christmas Family Dinner and the Ham was so Delicious 😋 So I’m going out tomorrow too get one for a dish to take to my grandson’s Christmas Dinner he having at his house this year first Christmas with his new girlfriend his Mom and myself, so hope Heavenly still have Ham’s Merry Christmas 🎄!!!!!

- Doris

Dec 16th 2023

Every Heavenly Ham that I know of in 3 states has been bought and closed. How have you survived and are you really Heavenly ham? Ghc

- Georgena

Dorothy Lane Market says:

We are a Heavenly Ham franchise, we own the rights to sell these hams in Montgomery and Warren Counties in Ohio. We have been selling theses hams since the mid 80s.. 


Dec 20th 2023

How many days before baking do I take ham out of freezer? It’s a 10 pound ham

- Betty

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Place in the refrigerator 3 days before baking and serving.

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