Citrus 101: Make Your Own Sunshine

  • POSTED Sep 30th, 2021
  • BY Michelle Mayhew

We are all ready for a refresh as we start a new year, and there’s no better way to make your own sunshine than with fresh, vibrant, and health-packed citrus! So shine on and squeeze the day!

Citrus Fruit Slices

These are the sweetest you can find, providing ample amounts of vitamin C for a bonus.

Among some of the prettiest citrus, these have a pink flesh and extremely sweet taste.

Originating in Sicily and Spain with nine times the antioxidants compared to Navel Oranges, these have an unmistakable deep red flesh and sweet taste. Check out some of our recipes that showcase this stunning fruit, including Citrus Oven-Poached Salmon and Sicilian Citrus Salad.

The most colorful of all ruby grapefruits, these are grown in Texas where the hot sunny days and cool nights help these Texas reds become as sweet as can be.

This is a very large citrus that’s similar to grapefruit. It’s a Vietnamese staple and used in many dishes. Health benefits include boosting immunity (thanks to that vitamin C), improving digestion, and lowering blood pressure.

These are the sweetest you can find! Seedless and easy to peel, these are a popular favorite.

Coming Soon! SUMO ORANGE
First developed in Japan, these are now grown on family farms in California’s San Joaquin Valley. Loaded with vitamin C, this is a citrus star thanks to its easy peel and low acid levels. Because of its low acid level, it’s a great option for those with a sensitive stomach.


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Jan 7th

YEH !! Love the spanish clementines Have been calling to see DLM to see if they are in yet.

- Jennifer

Dorothy Lane Market says:

That is a great question as we featured them in the January Table! They have become a casualty of the shipping challenges the country is facing these last few months. We hope they arrive at DLM soon!

Jan 13th

When will you have any Honeybell oranges in?

- Janet

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Thanks for the question. We have them in stores right now! 

Jan 13th

Do you ever carry bitter oranges, such as Sevilles?

- Hollie

Dorothy Lane Market says:

We should be getting some on Monday, January 17. However, with shipping we recommend calling the store before you make a trip for them.

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