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Bites of Elegance: How to Serve Caviar

  • POSTED Dec 7th, 2021
  • BY Chef Carrie Walters

Indulge in a luxurious treat with your family and friends this holiday with caviar! A couple things to remember when serving is to keep it cold! Serve in its container nestled in ice. Secondly, caviar and metal do not play well with each other (it seriously ruins the taste), so use a spoon made with bone plastic or mother of pearl.


Talk with your fishmonger to explore our full list of caviar offerings, as options may vary by location. 


Although the most expensive caviar really should be eaten on its own, some garnishes help highlight and not mask its delicate flavor. Try chopped hardboiled eggs, sour cream or crème fraîche, or simple herbs like fresh dill and chives. Have some fun with the presentation!

You'll also want to provide a serving vessel. Blini is a buckwheat-style pancake with a very neutral taste. Toast points or boiled potatoes also serve the same purpose. We also love caviar on DLM Brioche Bread that has been buttered and toasted.



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Dec 17th 2021

are you offering this?

- Deborah

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Hi Deborah! We have a variety of caviar, including the three mentioned here, in our stores. Although we don't have the spread pictured prepared and ready for pick-up, we have a selection of garnishes (sold separately) so that you can pick and choose your favorite pieces for your own caviar spread.

Dec 19th 2021

I'll be there this week to stock up...Looking forward to the newest treat for Christmas.

- Toni (Carolyn)

Dorothy Lane Market says:

What a great treat! Thanks for coming in.

Dec 29th 2021

Do you all carry Tsars Imperial? If so, which location?

- Holly

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Yes, we have some at the Washington Square location!

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