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A Garden of Cheeses From Tulip Tree Creamery

  • POSTED Mar 31st, 2022
  • BY Alex DeMarke

No matter how long the winter lasts, spring is sure to follow. Our senses are comforted with the scents of lemongrass, apple, and peach and the visuals of vibrant spring colors. We sip our glasses of Riesling, swing in softened hammocks, and turn our attention to the Foxglove and Trillium. Of course, when I say Foxglove and Trillium, I'm not just talking about the flowers, but am referring to the cheeses. From our picnic baskets we lay out our blankets, take out our cutting boards, and enjoy our viands with dear ones for a delightful splash of sunshine and charcuterie. We can mimic nature's wondrous gifts, like the sweet smells and pastels of springtime, right at our tables with these cheese and wine pairings.

Spring Cheese Board


Foxglove is a pudgy, luscious double cream that's everything we want in a washed-rind cheese. With boosts of cream and a crave-worthy savoriness, it melts into complexity. The creamy richness of this cheese is balanced with meaty, grassy, and pungent notes from its orange-washed rind. Pair with a lovely French Chardonnay, like Louis Jadot Mâcon Villages, produced in Burgundy, or Château Gigognan Clos du Roi Châteauneuf-du-Pape.


With a plush, bloomy rind, this lovely triple cream (named Trillium, like the three-petal flower) is inspired by French classics, Camembert and Brie. It has a soft, buttery texture with rich, smooth flavors and gentle milky tones, which is why it blends ever so seamlessly with Riesling or even a Champagne, like France's Guyot Choppin Brut Champagne.


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