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Homemade Challah Bread

Hands-On Couples' Class

With its characteristic shiny crust and braided design symbolizing the joining together of family and friends, is a bread worth the time it takes to create it. John Chico will teach you the kneading process and walk you though braiding the dough. You'll be amazed that a few simple ingredients result in such a deliciously rich loaf. Each couple will make a loaf of challah, bake it, and wrap it to go. We'll have bread made ahead to enjoy with our brunch menu complete with sparkling wine.


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John Chico

About John Chico

John is a culinary enthusiast and engineer and the product of four Italian grandparents. He turns breakfast and dinner for his wife and teenage children into a culinary adventure. John has been involved with the Culinary Center as a student,as a volunteer, and now as a Culinary Instructor. He loves foods that are rich with history an flavor.

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