Laura's Cookies Patriotic Red, White, and Blue Collection

Laura's Cookies Patriotic Red, White, and Blue Collection



12 cookies
Stars & Sweets

Laura's Cookies are made fresh with all-natural ingredients, such as real vanilla, butter, and eggs. There are no artificial ingredients and no preservatives. Once you place your order, the Laura's Cookies crew gets to work mixing the dough from scratch and then carefully hand rolling and baking each batch so your cookies arrive the freshest possible. After they're baked, each sugar cookie is then frosted with Laura's signature almond-flavored icing and thoughtfully hand decorated giving each treat its own homemade touch. Each collection contains 12 Laura's Cookies made in the shapes of stars with red, white, and blue icing.

They will stay moist and delicious in their sealed wrapping for up to two weeks (some discoloration may occur in the frosting, however).  

This item is Made Right Here and requires 7 days to make fresh.


A Look Behind the Scenes of Laura's Cookies

Get to know THE Laura behind these ultimate comfort cookies! Plus, explore what goes into crafting the famous Laura's Cookies.

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