Killer Brownie® Bites Collection

Killer Brownie® Bites Collection



64 bites
Killer Brownie® Bites Party in a Box

This collection of Killer Brownie® Bites is a party in a box. The perfect treat for break rooms, parties, or afternoon snack, this gift comes with an assortment of Killer Brownie® Bites trays.


Killer Brownie® Signature Bites Tray: Indulge in the ultimate with an assortment of 16 Killer Brownie® bites. These triple-layer gourmet brownies (made with only clean ingredients) feature delicious inclusions and toppings for a truly decadent dessert. Enjoy 4 bites of each of the following flavors: Confetti, Cookie Dough, Triple Chocolate and Original.
Killer Brownie® Kitchen Sink Brownie Bites: We start with a traditional brownie base and layer it with a blonde brownie. Then, we mix in colorful sprinkles, M&M's, and mini chocolate chips so we don't miss a sweet beat. We threw in everything except the kitchen sink! 16-bites (19 oz).
Killer Brownie® Party Brookie Bites: Are a golden chocolate chip cookie topped with moist fudge brownie and baked to perfection. We finish this treat with rainbow sprinkles and the nostalgic crunch of M&M's®. This tray contains 16 bites. This is a great way to show appreciation for a job well done.
Killer Brownie® Brookie Bites: This is the most awesome combination of a brownie base and a chocolate chip cookie, married together in one yummy bite! All you'll need is some milk.

64 bites total, serves approximately 20-25 people.

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