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Killer Brownie® Artisan Brownie Bites Collection - 64 Count

Killer Brownie® Artisan Brownie Bites Collection - 64 Count



64 bites
Killer Brownie® Bites Party in a Box

This collection of Killer Brownie® Bites is a party in a box. The perfect treat for break rooms, parties, or afternoon snacks, this gift comes with an assortment of Killer Brownie® Bites trays. It's the ideal way to say thank you, congratulations, happy anniversary, or to just get the party started!

This collection saves $20 over purchasing individually.  


Killer Brownie® Chocolatier Bites Tray: A rich, clean-ingredient chocolate brownie made with Ghirardelli milk chocolate chips that's soft and moist with a thin crackle top.
Killer Brownie® Kitchen Sink Brownie Bites: We start with a traditional brownie base and layer it with a blonde brownie. Then, we mix in colorful sprinkles, M&M's, and mini chocolate chips so we don't miss a sweet beat. We threw in everything except the kitchen sink!
Killer Brownie® Party Brookie Bites: A golden chocolate chip cookie topped with moist fudge brownie and baked to perfection. We finish this treat with rainbow sprinkles and the nostalgic crunch of M&M's®. 
Killer Brownie® Brookie Bites: This is the most awesome combination of a brownie base and a chocolate chip cookie, married together in one yummy bite! All you'll need is some milk.
64 bites total, serves approximately 20 to 25 people.

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Average Customer Rating:

Jan 30th
Verified Purchase

Everyone loves them!

- Barbara

Oct 28th 2022
Verified Purchase

My granddaughter was very surprised to receive Killer Brownies at college. They love going to DLM when they come to the Dayton area. I realized I had made an error on the shipping date request after I placed the order. It was taken care of immediately and delivered as requested. Love DLM.

- Mary Kay

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Thank you so much Mary Kay for the order and taking the time to leave a review. We appreciate you! 

Sep 15th 2022
Verified Purchase

I bought them for my granddaughters and they loved them. Very pleased with your products

- Jamie

Dorothy Lane Market says:

It makes us so happy to hear that you are pleased with our products. We take great pride in our selection. Thank you Jamie!

Jan 20th 2022
Verified Purchase

We sent to out of state friends. They all loved them! The kids were offering to do chores in exchange for more brownies! So happy to share the Killer Brownie love!

- Jen

Dorothy Lane Market says:

We would do chores for these brownies too!! Thank you so much for sharing the Killer Brownie® love! 

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