DLM Artisan Farmhouse Bread

DLM Artisan Farmhouse Bread



1.25 lb loaf
The Eating Experience

Ah! The aroma, the crust, the texture, the flavor…Our artisan Farmhouse Bread has it all. We make it using all-natural, slow fermentation that gives this bread lingering flavor and a slight sourdough tang. Thanks to its hearty crust it holds up well for a few days on your countertop. Moreover, it looks great on the dining table with its beautiful golden hue and hand-cut ribbon design on the top crust.


Fresh Bread Care & Handling

DLM Artisan Bread is baked and meant to be enjoyed the same day. We understand it's not always realistic to enjoy your bread by day's end, so here are some guidelines to refresh it when needed.

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Behind the Scenes at the DLM Bakehouse

The DLM Bakehouse is an around-the-clock operation and a true sight to behold with bakers perfectly proofing, scoring, and baking bread, rolls, and bagels all night long.

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Artisan Bread: The DLM Difference

When you bite into our DLM Artisan Bread, you know that it’s something special baked from scratch using old-world methods, natural fermentation, and time-honored techniques.

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Average Customer Rating:

Jun 11th
Verified Purchase

We can’t find anything locally as good!

- John (Carthage, MO)

Dorothy Lane Market says:

Our Bakehouse does an amazing job! We will pass along the kind words. Thank you!

Feb 16th
Verified Purchase

Good body, taste and toasts well

- John (Carthage, MO)

Feb 4th
Verified Purchase

Excellent bread, very fresh and great quality! Almost has a sour dough sort of flavor, love it.

- jessica

Oct 7th 2021
Verified Purchase

I live in Texas so was skeptical buying bread delivered from Ohio, but this farmhouse bread was very good. It was large and took over a week to eat but was able to eat all slices before it got stale. Toasted end pieces, ground in coffee grinder into bread crumbs, sautéd and used as garnish on butternut squash pasta.

- John (Frisco, TX)

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