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DLM Artisan Bread Best Sellers

DLM Artisan Bread Best Sellers



3 loaves
Enjoy DLM's Best-Selling Breads

Our three best sellers come together in one gift box. Our Bakehouse crafts these artisan loaves each day with the best ingredients, fermentation techniques, and state-of-the-art hearth ovens.

DLM Sourdough

DLM Asiago Cheese Bread

DLM Raisin Walnut Bread

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DLM Asiago Cheese Bread: Our artisan bakers marry our French Baguette dough with one of Italy's most popular cheeses, Italian Asiago, to make this fun, cheesy loaf. It has a nice tang and saltiness, making it good to eat as is, or for sandwiches like grilled cheese and patty melts. It is also excellent toasted!

DLM Sourdough Bread: One of our most cravable breads! This is the loaf with the blistered, bubbly crust and distinctive, tangy flavor. We don't make ours overly sour; we think you will find it one of the most balanced in flavor you will ever try. We use only organic flour, sea salt, and water, along with our own "mother," which is the naturally fermented, watery dough-like mixture where the sourdough culture lives and breathes. This culture is good for your health, much in the same way yogurt is.

DLM Raisin Walnut Bread: One of our most popular artisan breads! And it's no wonder because this bread is packed with healthy, jumbo flame raisins, golden raisins, and California walnuts! Before baking, the mixture is equal parts by weight of raisins and walnuts to dough. For a quick, nutritious breakfast, toast a thick slice and slather it with a good butter and preserves or with peanut butter and honey. Makes fantastic French toast as well.

Behind the Scenes at the DLM Bakehouse

The DLM Bakehouse is an around-the-clock operation and a true sight to behold with bakers perfectly proofing, scoring, and baking bread, rolls, and bagels all night long.

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Fresh Bread Care & Handling

DLM Artisan Bread is baked and meant to be enjoyed the same day. We understand it's not always realistic to enjoy your bread by day's end, so here are some guidelines to refresh it when needed.

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Artisan Bread: The DLM Difference

When you bite into our DLM Artisan Bread, you know that it’s something special baked from scratch using old-world methods, natural fermentation, and time-honored techniques.

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Average Customer Rating:

Jun 15th
Verified Purchase

- gina

Jun 8th
Verified Purchase

Excellent texture, taste and variety of flavors.

- Christine (Palm Harbor, FL)

May 26th
Verified Purchase

The assortment was very much appreciated and enjoyed!

- Christine (Palm Harbor, FL)

May 18th
Verified Purchase

- Vu

Mar 16th
Verified Purchase

- Helen (Fort Worth , TX)

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