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Umami Pantry

Umami, meaning “savoriness” in Japanese, is the fifth basic taste—alongside sweet, sour, salty, and bitter. When you’re eating a dish and you can’t quite put your finger on that indescribable flavor, it very well could be one rich in umami. Join Chef Carrie Walters as she explores key ingredients full of umami and how to use them to make everyday foods more flavorful. We'll taste pantry friendly umami boosters and learn how to introduce them into our recipes. You'll enjoy this full-flavored menu with wine.


Wild Mushroom Tartine

Tomato and Anchovy Pasta

Bao Buns

Kimchi Fried Rice

Miso-Peanut Butter Cookies


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About Chef Carrie Walters

As the corporate chef and culinary director for Dorothy Lane Market, Chef Carrie is always cooking up something wonderful. Not only will you taste her menus brought to life at top-tier DLM events, like the Food & Wine Show and Spring Fling, but you'll find her influence when you visit the DLM Culinary Center where she also helps shape the class programming. Don't be surprised to see her listed as an instructor on the class schedule as well, as her passion for food is contagious and she's always eager to share it with others. Carrie's influence can be found in the recipe development of many of the DLM-made foods that you'll find around the store. As a prolific traveler, she's always soaking in food trends and styling tips from around the world, and is excited to bring them to life at DLM and share them in any number of multimedia ways, whether it be in our printed Market Report or in instructional videos.

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