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FLORAL WORKSHOP: Dried Floral Pumpkins

Rooted Flower Farm is a small-scale, family owned and operated cut flower farm in Clinton County, Ohio. The flowers are 100% field-grown and harvested at their peak. From each harvest throughout the seasons, a selection is set aside to dry, allowing Rooted Flower Farm to extend their offering past the first frost and shift their focus to beautifully adorned fall pumpkins in various sizes and varieties! Using a combination of pumpkins grown on the farm as well as others sourced from a farming friend, the Dried Floral Pumpkins are truly a labor of local love and a work of art. It’s also a unique way to hold on to the beauty of local blooms when the weather turns cool with approximately 3 months to enjoy. 


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Thursday, October 05th 5:00PM - 7:00PM | $75

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About Jessica Davila

Jessica Davila is the owner of Rooted Flower Farm. A small-scale, family-owned and operated cut flower farm in Clinton County, Ohio.

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