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TartufLanghe Truffle Gift Set

TartufLanghe Truffle Gift Set


This item is currently unavailable, but it will be back on January 2nd, 2024.

Savor a Taste of Truffles

Enjoy a rare collection of exquisite truffle products from the one and only Paolo Mantanaro from Italy. We have curated a special selection of truffle pasta, risotto, salt, Parmigiano cream sauce, and decadent chocolate truffles from the Alba region of Italy. We think these are some of the best truffle products we have tasted and we're excited to share them with you in our TartufLanghe Truffle Gift Set. The Montanaros are not just truffle hunters, but also food scientists merging their hunting techniques with ingenious ways of infusing truffle flavor into our favorite foods in a very natural pleasant way.  

Dig Into the World of Truffles

Dig Into the World of Truffles

Crafted by the Montanaros, a family that’s passionate for all things truffle, the truffle-rich selection from TartufLanghe makes it easy to enjoy the taste of truffle every day.

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Try This Recipe for Tartufissima Truffle Pasta Alfredo

Featuring a crave-worthy combination of hearty truffle-infused pasta and luscious homemade alfredo sauce, this recipe is sure to add some elegance to your pasta night.

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Average Customer Rating:

Apr 7th 2023
Verified Purchase

We sent this to some friends in New York that are from Italy. They absolutely loved it. It was a perfect gift box.

- Calvin

Mar 16th 2023
Verified Purchase

Our friends loved this gift. They texted us right away and were so appreciative. It is the perfect gift for foodie friends.

- Calvin

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